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31 Days to Mastering Monsterpocalypse

What does it mean to master Monsterpocalypse? Does it mean winning a Monsterpocalypse Masters event or is it winning the local tournament? Or maybe it’s being able to win with or against any monster?

In the series 31 Days to Mastering Monsterpocalypse, author and Monsterpocalypse veteran Zach Bunn takes you from the basics of putting together an army all the way to some of the deepest and most intense theories and topics in Monsterpocalypse. This series has been built to offer unique challenges and insights regardless of your skill level and experience. If you are just now starting out your Monsterpocalypse journey or if you have been playing for years, this series has something for you.

The series is broken down into 31 days, or challenges. Each day offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your Monsterpocalypse skills. Even if you aren’t ready to start diving into these challenges just yet, they are more than worth reading. Also worth reading are all of the blogs being posted by the Team Covenant community as they complete the various challenges. If you are interested in reading the community blogs for each challenge, you can find them all here (browsable by day).

Each Monday, a new challenge is posted. This will continue until the series reaches completion on Day 31. Also of note is the @MasteringMonPoc twitter. Through this account, Zach offers up advice and tips to new players, provides links to particularly good Mastering MonPoc community blogs, and answers any questions that followers have.

Now that you know what this is all about, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

The Basics

Day 0 – 31 Days to Mastering Monsterpocalypse
Day 1 – Build an Army
Day 2 –  Know Thy Monster
Day 3 – Factional Units
Day 4 – Agenda Units
Day 5 – Those Other Units
Day 6 – Building Rome
Day 7 – The Battlefield


Day 8 – Going First
Day 9 – Going First Part 2
Day 10 – Going Second
Day 11 – Going Second Part 2
Day 12 – Turn Positioning
Day 13 – Board Control
Day 14 – The Damage Curve


Day 15 – Back to Back
Day 16 – The Screen
Day 17 – Beacon (Redux)Robo Brontox (Original)
Day 18 – Disruption
Day 19 – The Power Base
Day 20 – The Two Damage Unit Turn
Day 21 – Several Birds, One Turn

The Enemy

Day 22 – Morphers
Day 23 – The Old Guard
Day 24 – Healers
Day 25 – The Cheese
Day 26 – Teleporters
Day 27 – The Mini City
Day 28 –  Know Thy Enemy

In The End

Day 29 – Closing a Game
Day 30 – Blaming the Dice
Day 31 –  From on High

The Pioneers

As Mastering Monsterpocalypse was written, several members of the community joined in and posted the challenge blogs along the way. Below you can find links to the profiles and to the Day 31’s posted by the first group of players who completed all 31 days, the pioneers of Mastering Monsterpocalypse.

Spazz – @Spazzfist: Day 31 –  The Journey is Only the Beginning
Scott Williams – @mrfroggies: Day 31 – This is the End
Leo Dumas – @cottondonkey: Day 31 – The Finale
Theodore Lehman – @bittplayer: Day 31 – Grand Re-Opening
Chris Engler – @wapcaplets: Day 31 – It All Kept Starting Over Again
Bobb Beauchamp – @kingbobb: Day 31 – And They Smashed Happily Ever After
Dave Zee – @davezee: Day 31 – A Real Master Knows He Hasn’t Mastered Anything
Eric T. Huffman – @emoney73: Day 31 – The Blue Journey Hasn’t Ended, but just begun
Morenfin – @moreinfin: Day 31 – Awesome to the Rad Power Multiplied by Superfly
Brian – @irked: Day 31 – From on High
Spencer Pasero – @barsidius: Day 31 – The Journey is…
Jeremy Gremillion – @falgaia: Day 31 – Closing Tieeeeem