Hello !

For my first post on Teamcovenant, i wan’t to talk about Android: NetRunner LCG.
Specialy About the new Jinteki Identity.

I think this ID can be competitive, because of her Mindtricks effects.

So what is so tricky on this ID? For me it’s just her game text.

In order to access and, or run on a remote server, the Runner must before run on a central server.
So this is the Tricks and strategy to apply, in fact I apply. And thanks the last Data pack a Study in static who really boost this ID.
I don’t have the best strategy here, and if you got any other good ideas with this ID , i’m open to sharing with you about that.

1. Let’s talk about tools

Don’t put all “Ambush” cards in the deck, Netrunner players are smart.
If you do a plenty of remotes servers, he will know it’s a trap.. and you gonna lose time to advanced a “Project Junebug”. I can understand that as a Jinteki player, you wan’t to add all the Ambush, but in this Deck i advise you an other plan.

Snare ! and fetal AI, are enough, and for luring your opponent on those ambush i really advise you to play “Precognition”, you will see later.

For Money :

3 Melange Mining corp

3 Hedge funds

2 Adonis campaign

2 Pad campaign

“Adonis campaign” is very safe in the deck with this identity and more with “Encryption protocol“.It is a good cards in this deck, this card can break the trash strategie of the Anarchs decks and protect some of your installed cards. We need cash all time in this deck !

Wanna trash something'?

 2. Remotes server abuse ? or Not ?

The tactic here, is not to force the Runner to runs on your remote…But here you have to protect really hard your central servers. I prefer not to put a lot of remotes servers.During my test, players don’t really runs on remotes because they thinks it was an Ambush cards or heavy cost trash cards. And my Ambush was “dead” cards and no really useful except for scoring with Trick of light,but it was slow to win, and it’s apply no pressure during the Runs.

So lure your opponent on your central servers, that’s the points of this ID.

On your remotes, play only cards you really need and of course your Agendas, don’t put an assets in order to use it late game, keep cards in your hands because here we wan’t the Runner to run on it, 1 or 2 remote are enough with 1 or 2 ices protecting them. Just remember you got 3 snare in your deck and until the Runner don’t see one, he will runs on you central more safer as usual, by using clicks and installing cards. With more than 3 cards in your hand he have to make choices. So don’t abuse on remotes servers, the priorities are only perma-money assets as : Pad Campaign, Adonis campaign and melange mining Corp. Don’t forget those cards got their trash cost increase by “Encryption protocol“. Only Imp can very trash them faster.

Protect your remotes with Bulfrog and deflect him on your R&D, but before use the JinteTricks technics ! Inside the deck they are 3 copies of Snare! and Precognition.If you don’t have a snare! in hand but a Precognition, use it to stack your snare on top of R&D. By this technic,you force the Runner to jack or to get the risk to access the Snare!  But play with him, he know you put something on top. If your se another precognition, again stack those Snare! don’t draw them those cards are very good on the top.

Com on see here



This is the Ices you should install on your central servers, don’t forget to protect your Archives ! it’s a central server!


Uroboros, really an awesome Ice in this deck , 4 strength , 2 subroutines with a Trace of 4, (By the way i really advise to Runner to add some link now even if you don’t play Shaper ) the Runner must break the first routine, otherwise no more run! Hourglass  got 3 routines!!! and again 4 strength, those ices are awesome in MidGame. The Katana is really good early, because of the 3 net damage. Again here if you are able to move the Runner opposing one of those ices with Bullfrog it can be awesome for you.

3. Scoring and Win the game 

The Agenda in the deck are usual, i just add 2 False Lead

This is a good agenda here only one points ,but forfeit it and your opponent loose 2  , he will have only 2 actions. So again he have to make choices, to Run ? Or install cards ? With this Agenda you can win a turn, and gaining a peaceful turn can give you the game. Combined with Uroboros or Hourglass this agenda got his place here.

Now, take your time to score your agendas, put them into play protected and one each time. Always have 3 or more cards in hands, YES spend click to Draw, don’t give easy Agenda to the Runner, he have to Run and take risky runs on your Ices and your Snare! And he have to Run to slow your economy, because he will wan’t to trash your assets so make a good protection with your nasty ices.

This new identity got many potential, i think i will focus on it in order to play it in our regional championship. If you got any ideas and comments about the deck list, i’m really open to take them.

Thanks for reading, and my apologies for some syntax and grammar errors :)



Jinteki: Replicating Perfection



Total Cards: (45)

Agenda (11)

Braintrust  x3

Fetal AI  x3

Nisei MK II  x3

False Lead x2


Asset (15)

Encryption Protocol  x2

Snare!  x3

Adonis Campaign  x2

Melange Mining Corp  x3

PAD Campaign x2

Zaibatsu Loyalty  x1

Dedicated Server  x1


ICE (12)

Hourglass  x2

Neural Katana  x3

Wall of Static  x1

Wall of Thorns x2

Uroboros  x2

Bullfrog  x2

Operation (6)

Hedge Fund  x3

Precognition x3

Upgrade (1)

Corporate Troubleshooter x1