Year of the Gamer February Style!

Welcome to the year of the gamer Feb 5 – 11, 2012.  See what you think.  Feel free to comment.

Feb 5:  Punch-Out!! (NES).  A port from the arcade game.  The last boss being good old Mike Tyson.  Your goal is to take your fighter (Little Mac) up the ladder to fame and fortune.  All the bosses had patterns you would have to learn to beat them.  Seriously fun game.  Hard last boss though, even when he’s not trying to bite your ear….
Feb 6:  Tomb Raider (Trading Card Game).  This game has some awesome highs to it and some horrible staggering lows.  The lows were the art.  Seriously?  Just screenshots from the first couple games. Oh yeah such good graphics from the PS 1, you can imagine how good it looks.  Other than that horrible low(which probably killed the game by itself!), the game is great.  It’s basically a huge dungeon run trying to discover the treasure.  Pretty fun and worth picking up even now.  Just make two decks and play with your friends.
Feb 7:  Wheel of Time CCG.  Precedence made this game and Tomb Raider.  Unique because it uses a playmat and a customized 6 side dice to play it.  There were really only 3 releases to it.  Because the fourth release only contained four cards.  Good game, but OOP and pretty rare anymore.  Not cheap to pick it up.
Feb 8:  NBA Showdown (CCG).  Wizards of the Coast didn’t always concentrate on Magic back in the day.  This along with MLB and NFL were their Showdown games.  There was only one set released for it in 2001.  So all you need is 278 cards.  Nothing wrong with the game, WOTC just decided to tighten their game production.
Feb 9:  The Legend of Zelda (NES) Video Game. My vote for game of the week or the next game!  The phenomenon started back in 1986.  And now 26 years later over 65 million copies of the game series have been sold.  This game specifically here is the original.  The game is amazing.  It was a mix of RPG, Action, adventure, and puzzle games all in one.  While the game is an RPG it has more hack and slash elements than a typical RPG (i.e. Final Fantasy).  The game was a huge milestone in the video game world.  From the catchy soundtrack to the dungeons, to the tricks every player had to learn.  Like how to find Gannon’s lair.  The game was top notch.  If you have never played the original, you owe it to yourself to try it out.  Two thumbs way up.
Feb 10:  The Settlers of Catan (Board Game).  This game gave Zelda a run for it’s money as game of the week.  Possibly game of the week…  Amazing game.  The players have decided to settle an island rich in resources.  Now all they have to do is get 10 civilization points before the others do.  Problem is resources are owned by different players so you might have to make a trade or three.  Let the fun begin.  This game has expansions and more to it proving that it’s worth owning.  All geeks need this game in their collection for sure.  And even if you’re not I still recommend it.
Feb 11:  Agricola (Board game).  On Board Game Geek, the top game for 5 years was called Puerto Rico.  This game ended that reign.  This game is based on a simple system.  To win the player needs to have the most balanced farm and the biggest family.  The game has received numerous rewards.  I’ve never tried it.  But I plan on doing so in the future.