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February 26 – March 3, 2012

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March 9, 2012

Hello friends.  Year of the gamer hits March.  Let the fun begin!

Feb 26:  Clue: The Simpsons (Board Game).  Clue is a classic game.  Add in the Simpsons and it gets funnier.  Of course this is mainly for fans only because it doesn’t add to the game at all.  Just changes the characters.

Feb 27:  Ex-Illis.  A novel idea.  Take a miniature game and make it where you play it on the pc (so it keeps track of the rules and rolls for you) and also have your figures on the table top.  Pretty cool but has a couple drawbacks.  A. it’s freaking expensive.  The beginning set costs over a 100 bucks and then you got to add in glue and paint for plastic miniatures.  B. it’s annoying to put together.  I got sick of having to put the pieces together.  I like that they weren’t painted.  That was awesome.  But gluing such small pieces?  That was a major source of irritation.  C. it has crappy support.  If the game tanks, you’re done.  Since all the rules and game engine are online, you are SOL if the game ever goes away.  And it has already once, but been brought back.  Too much investment in my opinion.

Feb 28:  Herocard Nightmare (Board Game).  It’s a deduction game.  Basically you want to maneuver the sleeper into a nightmare that will frighten him to death.  To do this you must find the perfect combination.  Reminds me of Clue in some ways.

Feb 29:  Honor of the Samurai (Card Game).  Played this back in the 1990s.  A game about, you guessed it, collecting honor.  Very fun.  You need to find a good Daimyo to attach yourself too.  Which will you choose?  More honorable?  Or stronger in military force.  And if you’re forced to go Ronin.  Ouch.  So much for your honor.  Cool game.

March 1:  Resident Evil 2 (PS1).  Forget the woods and the mansion, how about a city overrun by zombies!  RE 2 upped the ante on the game.  While not nearly as scary as the original, it still strikes a solid hit.  Cool new enemies (lickers!) and awesome weapons (chain gun anyone?) made the game stellar.  Graphics not bad either.

March 2:  Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game (Board Game).  My vote for game of the week.  A big joke.  Not gameplay or strategy wise, the game is top notch.  But the whole idea.  It plays like a B picture zombie movie.  Heck they even give you a cd of chessy music for playing it.  Also the characters, the Jock, the Track Star, the Sherriff, the Drifter, the Priest.  What’s not to like about this game?  5 stars!

March 3:  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Board Game.  You know how sometimes when a big movie comes out the studio is desperate to get out as much merchandise as possible to cash in?  And sometimes this leads to God awful products.  Take this terd for instance.  The ONLY kudos that can be given is it looks pretty.  Other than that, a giant terd.  No strategy involved whatsoever.  If anyone recommends this game to you, and they are over the age of 5, then you must never trust anything they ever say from then on till the end of time.  They have absolutely no taste whatsoever.  Horrible beyond belief!

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