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A Trip Down The Playstation Lane (YOTG)

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April 26, 2012

Can you believe it?  The year of the gamer has already rolled 4 months away!  Only 8 left to party like a rockstar.  Keep on gaming my friends!  Here is this weeks picks…

Apr 29:  Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage (PS1)  The sequel to our little dragon’s adventures.  This time he’s ventured out of the dragon’s kingdom and has to defeat a sorcerer named Ripto.  Did we mention he rides a dragon?  Other than that, pretty close to the first game.  Still a lot of fun.  But if you didn’t like the first one, you won’t like this one either.

Apr 30:  Star Wars Role-playing Game.  Produced and supported from 2000 through 2007.  But now Wizards doesn’t bother with it.  Frankly, WOTC only bothers with 4 things anymore: Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Duel Masters, and Axis and Allies.  With Magic being in the forefront.  This game was fun though.  Especially after the 2007 revised edition.

May 1:  Guillotine (Card Game)  Really fun little card game with tongue in check flavor.  Set during the French Revolution.  Your goal is to try to collect the most prestigious heads.  You get action cards to arrange the order of the line.  That’s because Martyrs deduct points instead.  Fun little macabre game.  Just don’t kill the hero of the people!  Now the piss boy…have at it!

May 2:  Catan: Seafarers.  The first expansion to Settlers of Catan.  You get ships to explore with.  Add in the gold producing hexes (which give a resource of your choice!) and you have a new interesting way to play.  Adds to the base set in a nice way.

May 3:  Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1)  The first half of the game starts 24 hours before Resident Evil 2.  Then it concludes right after it.  Fan favorite Jill Valentine is back.  And you also play a mercenary named Carlos (who is a real tool in my book).  Nothing too much different in this game, except for Nemesis!  A huge monster who can actually chase you room to room in the game!  Hard as anything to kill.  But if you could put him down you always got a reward.  Then he would come after you again of course.  Also did I mention he carries a rocket launcher?  Worthy addition to the series.  PS:  One time I attwmpted to kill Nemesis with just my knife.  I slashed away, but never managed to kill him..makes me wonder if it’s possible.

May 4:  Dominion: Seaside.   I love this expansion!  The third Dominion expansion.  And probably my second favorite in the game.  This time you are trying to sail the high seas and must deal with ghost ships and pirates.  Also this set introduces orange cards which give benefits on the turn you played them and a bonus on the next!  Awesomely fun!

May 5:  Tomb Raider III (PS1)  Hands down the hardest game of the series.  The graphics were better and Lara had new moves.  But the game took an almost insane turn for hardness.  This is definitely not a beginner game.  I highly recommend starting with any other TR game first before this one.  The game is cool that you can complete the stages in any order after completing the first one, India.  Also stealth is involved in some areas like Nevada.  Better to not tangle with all the guards.  Still a solid game and worth adding to your Playstation collection.

Ok kiddies, there we have it.  Have a great weekend all.  See you next week.  Till then, game on!

      1. He’s a traveling man…one RPG to another, never finding a place that felt like home. Star Wars RPG you say? He passed through there once, in his younger days. Hick town. Locals gave him the funny eye so he didn’t stay. Muddy drinking water, and they served a lot of potatoes. Wouldn’t recommend it.

        They say he was born on the road. Never did settle. To this day. Believe he’s 93, or roundabouts. Carries a banjo on his back even though he don’t play, just so people are glad to see him a’comin…knows enough chords to get by. Still talks about finding the right place to call home.

        We all know the truth.

      2. We all know quantity of play has nothing to do with quality of judgement! There’s old timers playing 4th Ed. right now saying it’s the best around :)

      3. Show me ONE that isn’t DMing for his children using 4e.

        More foundation of my RPG-arrogance: I’ve made a career off of my RPGing. Not a career in gaming, but utilizing the “Roleplaying” part of the game.

        Anyway, let’s hug.

      4. I used to enjoy the Wheel of Time RPG. On one hand, not enough different races you could play as characters. I mean, people from different countries yes. But only Ogier or Human. Still though, had a guy in the group who wielded the one power. Watching him go crazy and role playing was pretty enjoyable. I try not to analyze too deeply why I enjoyed that so much though…

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