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Game of Thrones FAQ 4.0

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February 27, 2013

For those of you that have yet to see it (check out page 6!) here it is.

Now, many of us are already talking about this in the updates, but I thought it might be better to set up a blog post about it since these comments will keep popping up in the updates section (unlike replies to the updates themselves).

So here’s my take (as a Stark player first and foremost):

I was not surprised to see Meera Reed on the restricted list, however I was not expecting Bear Island, especially not the refugees and certainly not No Quarter. There are a ton of surprises and I am sad to see some of these cards go, BUT I’m also really excited. I haven’t been this excited about Game of Thrones in months. I’m really excited to see what decks we can build and what weird crap we can come up with that actually competes. I’m looking forward to the challenge, maybe I’ll even take the time to mess around with Black Sails now? (Could it be that FFG wants us to focus our attention on the new shiny toys? Hmm…)

Anyway, what do you guys think and where do we go from here?

EDIT: I thought it might be helpful to have the list we need right here.

Joust Restricted List
A Clash of Arms
A Time of Ravens
King’s Landing
Defenders of the North
Princes of the Sun
Kings of the Storm
Brotherhood without Banners
Secrets of Oldtown
Queen of Dragons
A Tale of Champions
Beyond the Narrow Sea
Melee Restricted List
A Clash of Arms
Defenders of the North
Princes of the Sun
Kings of the Storm
Secrets of Oldtown
A Tale of Champions
  1. thanks for making this just so we dont have to keep going back looking for someones post haha. but i think bear island didnt need to go on the list YET but once chapter packs reprinted and everyone has bear island as an option could see it being big deal. Biggest supprise to me was how they hurt bara even though they really didnt need that haha.

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  2. I’m pumped about this update. The whole game has shifted and I think it’s going to force players into a new mode of deck building as we progress through the regional season. Excited to see what everyone comes up with.

  3. This list is far too large and unwieldy; you practically have to start with the list, choose your restricted card, then build from there.

    I’m done with the game. Was -thisclose- to buying in when I got the chance, but I feel whomever is in charge and making these decision is only going to make things worse and worse.

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      1. I can’t imagine playing this game unless you are the online type — there’s no way you could keep a deck legal with the restricted list growing like it is. It’s the absolute most clumsy and heavy handed attempt to change things up I’ve ever seen in any game… barring maybe the appearance of “type 2″ in MtG, which made them lots of money and eventually drove me out of that game as well.

        That list is just going to get longer and longer.

      2. Well, not necessarily longer and longer. I think what they’re trying to do is use the restricted list as a way to shake things up periodically. So they won’t just keep all these cards on there and add more each time. I think the idea is to change things around so that decks are always changing. I mean, that’s the point of a deckbuilding game right?

        I have this thought of what they’re doing because of the accompanying write up FFG posted to the AGOT site when they released this update.

      3. I don’ enjoy games where you can’t arrive a finished product that stays finished. It’s one thing to switch out a card voluntarily, and quite another to suddenly have no legal decks in your collection. To me it was was a dumb fix and should be viewed as a dumb fix. New cards shake up the meta. Soft-banning cards just punishes people for building good decks.

      4. I’m going to disagree with Theorist.

        I really don’t think the list is that long. If anything, I could add a lot more cards to it.

        This is a living card game. I expect this game to be constantly evolving and changing. I think the restricted/banned list should be used liberally to address real or perceived issues or to just shake things up periodically.

        I also think it’s unrealistic to expect a finished product to be perfect when released. If that’s what you want, board games are the way to go. I’ve never played a card game where there weren’t FAQs, rules made later, restricted or banned cards. It’s just not possible to anticipate anything. It’s just not realistic. The best we can expect is for everyone to do the best they can and then be open to change if the need arises.

    1. You never bought into the game? lol That explains a lot.

      This is going to shake things up. And while you may not like having your decks made illegal, I’m fine with it. Heck, I enjoy deck building. (Contrary to how it may seem since I’m going on 3 months without a new deck, but I swear guys, I’m working on organizing my collection so I can build again.)

      I just don’t think it goes far enough to hit Targ, and I think it goes too far against Martell and Stark. And what’s up with Bara’s cards hitting the restricted list, did they throw darts to decide that one? And the refugees, really?

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  4. To the extent they’re using the Restricted List more ‘liberally’ as a quasi-rotation, I can see the logic in it. And I’m actually pretty stoked about it, as Zach is. There will definitely be a lot a deck-building space opened up now (though, really, the Targ KotHH didn’t really take that big a hit; until someone actually comes up with something that proves itself to be better, I think it’s still the top build–just not quite as efficient).

    Soft banning the Refugees, though, just doesn’t make sense, auto-include or not. And right after HoD (which really needs the setup help) came out, to boot? I’m down with everything else, but that just baffles me.

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    1. Yeah… I’m not sure how I feel about the refugees. I think maybe they were concerned about HoD Iron Throne (Bara) and HoD Tunnels of the Red Keep being a bit too good with all the refugee options?

      1. I think they realized that HoD didn’t really have a drawback. Yes, 3 gold for setup isn’t a lot, but with 6 possible refugees(and 3x Hungry Mob or 3x Shadow Parasite) setups weren’t that bad out of HoD. Sometimes still 4-6 cards. Which is not good for the game. Putting the soft ban on refugees makes people really think if they want HoD or not, because those setups are going to be less attractive.

        No Quarter and Meera I can totally get behind being on here. Stark needed more variety and taking out the auto-include cards is a great start.

        Martell got CLOBBERED! A little too hard IMO. I can see why they did what they did, but putting the Scourge on there was just wrong. Maybe it was because of a good HoD build that we haven’t tried yet? I assume the Orphans are on there because they made Martell’s setups too good. So it’s back to KotHH being their best build(and I think it always has been).

        Bara having anything on the list is just dumb. Why beat everyone’s whipping boy further? Weren’t they bad enough as they were?

      2. No Quarter was unexpected. But you’ll get no complaints from me. It’s that age old issue of redundancy. (Targ burn was at the same level). Too many different cards that have the same function, so you can pile them all in and just destroy people. I like having to go back to die by the sword or be more absolutely dedicated to murder events.

  5. Alex ninja’d me just as I was posting my thoughts but I’m so glad to see that there is the same general enthusiasm that I have towards the list represented from many onlookers.

    I see where @Theorist is coming from about the unwieldiness of the list, but I think shifting the burden on new players away from a burden of purchase and onto a burden of information is a good move for attracting new players.

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  6. I’m going to say I have to agree with a little of what everyone has to say on this. Yes it’s a bummer that some awesome cards have wound up on this list, but they wouldn’t be on here if they weren’t quality cards. By causing people to rotate their decks FFG is trying to open the game open the game up even more. If one deck constantly reigned supreme it would be difficult to get new players into the game and keep current players excited about it.

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    1. Matt, its funny that you mention that because the one deck that reigns supreme didn’t really get hit that hard. It lost 4 – 5 cards from the deck and 1 plot.

      Now that the excitement has worn off I’m beginning to wonder how non-KotHH Martell can handle the new naval plot.

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      1. I’ve really been thinking that. Burning on the Sand & Only Game that Matters or just orphan and hit hard enough that they can’t keep multiple naval characters alive.

  7. I’d like to point out that while all of my decks except for Melee went illegal to play, it didn’t take longer then a hour to figure out what cards were needed to switch out in order to make the decks legal again. Also, a majority of the decks actually ended up at the same power level before or even slightly better. To be honest, when i saw that The Red Viper was on the list i was happy. Then i realized that it was only for Joust…..

    Overall i’ve seen a lot worse restricted lists in other card games. I don’t think this will really cause people to rotate their decks, it will just cause them to think of a new way to play around these restrictions and use new off the wall ideas to make it work. Outside of Martell and Targ KOTHH that is. Both of those just have so many options that they can still play the same way with different cards.

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  8. Notice how none of the new cards this cycle will be restricted… and the spoiled cards are looking very, VERY tasty…

    I think the new restricted list is a good thing overall. It’s gonna get a ton of players into the new cycle and stop punishing new players who go against a martell control or stark murder deck.

    I am glad to see the season agendas on the restricted list. at the same time, it does just make KOTHH the only competitive build for targ and martell, and they are going to soar way above the other houses IMO (even with all the Martell adds).

    Just my opinion. Until we save TCOL, see you all around on OCTGN!

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      1. We’re not that bad… really.

        (And maybe TCOL will come back, but you can’t blame FFG for being irate. People donating and paying for memberships there and tournaments organized by people who never paid one cent to FFG for their Thrones product… and TCOL apparently never even bothered to arrange an agreement with FFG… I can’t say I’m surprised at all)

      2. Glad I could give you a laugh, Will! :)

        I was actually using windows 3.1 but that was crashing every time I tried to load OCTGN, Hmmm…maybe I just need to finally shell out the $200+ for windows 95. I hear it crashes waaay less and is so much more user friendly!

    1. Martell Brotherhood is viable now. Josh brought it up on CardgameDB but expect me and Josh to be working on a build for this in the new future. I’m already pretty excited to play around with the idea as a second Martell deck. Sorry guys, Martell KOTHH isn’t coming apart. XD

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      1. I wouldn’t go that far. Ghaston Grey and A Game of Cyvasse are still going to be played so that hurts Beric. My Targ deck is going to have more attachment hate, and other decks will(should) be packing it too. If I see Beric coming back I’ll probably start running Fortified Position to blank him then burn him down.

      2. Game of Cyvasse now competes with 7 other in house restricted cards. Search and Detain is now entirely out of Targ and quite a few other decks besides.

        Brotherhood is in a far better place than it was 2 days ago. And yeah, sure, Targ can still have answers, the more you tweek your deck for that one specific matchup the weaker your deck becomes against all the other matchups where that tweek doesn’t help you. I’m good with that. :)

      3. lol, I put in one card(meereenese brothel) and one plot to replace Retaliation!(Mad King’s Legacy). I’m not worried about being weaker against anything based on that. 😀

      4. It’s pretty useful in that I’m not required to pay the 1 gold to play it. We have no idea what the new meta is going to look like. Is Greyjoy going to finally make a comeback with cards like Burned and Pillaged and Support of Harlaw? Maybe. Or Bara with Lightbringer, Banner for the Storm, King’s Ground, etc…? Who knows. I just want to have tools to deal with those cards when i see them. Does that make my deck weaker? I’m not so sure.

  9. Oh, and I’m super excited that Tin Link is on the Joust list… It may not seem like much, but it will make running attachments a whole lot better.

    It seems to me like FFG wants everyone’s setups to be closer to 3-4 for a really good drop, instead of the very common 5-6 for many competitive builds. Which means there’s some room for running attachments now, and Tin Link on the restricted list makes that more appetizing IMO.

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      1. Bannermen can’t be replaced very easily actually. They’re one of the best card advantage cards in the game. If cyvasse sees 1/3rd as much play as bannermen I’ll be surprised.

    1. Ben’s been experimenting because he’s been bored, but he’s really a Martell player. Stark (and Baratheon before that) was just a phase. . .

      Anyways. . . When I first was told about AGoT and about TC, I went down on a tourny night to watch a couple matches. It was Ben playing Martell and using To the Spears that made me want to play Martell.

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      1. I have never once played To The Spears. XD Apparently i’m not your typical Martell player with not liking Game Of Syvasse and To The Spears.

      1. Haha, my friend Jonathan said that if the Martell restricted list keeps doubling like this the only thing they will have left is the House card. I bet they will restrict that sooner or later too. :)

      2. my favorite house is martell too but i am really worried that depending on how much they focus on the navel enchament can really hurt Martell since they seem to not wanna give them any and really hurt our icon control with the new list…i just feel if adding a new theme should have been something that is more universal not such greyjoy Favorited

      3. You have tools to take care of Naval characters and other forms of icon control than Orphans and Scourge. Maybe now you’ll just have to play cards like Prince’s Wrath, Scorpions Underfoot, Locked Away, or even just basic kneel cards like Distraction or Parting Blow. Martell will be fine.

  10. This restricted list brings some creativity to the table. I hope that the ones who complained about stale metas aren’t complaining about this too! It’s not jsut about what the power cards are, it forces players to try something new for a change. Shakes up all the auto includes we put in our decks! I’m down with it.
    Only question: What did the Baratheons ever do to always get punished?

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      1. you know it use to be however could usually only get it in play with manning the city walls so not really sure about it having to use a plot slot and basicly a dead card once drop the plot

      2. nope dont run fountains no way could fine three cards dont want to replace with for them, and seas and fiefdoms usually want the influence for events and usually like being able to play more then one card at a time. and now that burn and pillage can hit kothh worried of choke thats why idk if gg is a great choice now but kinda need it since our other main bounce option is restricted

      3. Well see that seems to be a big problem with a lot of Martell KotHH decks is that they want to run Bannermen but don’t want to run enough income locations to insure they can play them when they draw them and not have to rely on the MtCW plot. If I were you I would find room for AT LEAST two Palace Fountains. If you want to send or post up the new deck ur working on I can take a look at it and this will be an easier conversation.

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