Breaking News — Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Breaking News, an Android: Netrunner LCG podcast. In this episode, Dodd and Jeff discuss the history of the game and a few of our favourite cards from the Core Set and the first three data packs.

Intro: 00:00
Card discussion: 7:45
The Heap: 50:20

Music: “Sufi Dance” by Psykick (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License).

  1. Ethan, what you did was soak the first punitive on the and paid five to avoid the second. Which is honestly what I was trying to get you to do (spend the pile of credits you were starting to amass) As we discussed on the podcast ditching cards is almost always a better idea. Still, a singular plascrete isn’t my biggest concern in this deck. The snare! was bad luck for you and delicious for me. Had a ton of playing against you dude and hope you stick with it!

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  2. Yeah, I haven’t played against Weyland Scorched decks much (like Dodd said, I play on OCTGN mostly and even then I play the corp mostly) but as soon as I paid the trace and used the Plascrete I knew I was in trouble (though in my defense I think I had my Test Run + Scavenge combo and didn’t want to lose it). Still, that’s the beauty of Weyland at the moment. When you make one mistake you are left with 30 options but every one of them will lose you the game.

    Now I’m using Imp…

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  3. I think you guys are being *slightly* too hard on Toshiyuki. You’re right that as a mind game–“hah hah, I’m going to replace him with a face down card and you don’t know what he is!”–you’re going to have a bad time.

    However, I don’t think that’s what he’s for. I think he’s a Trick of Light battery, that protects against Expose, that you can punish the runner for running against. Yes, the runner already committed to running on two advancement tokens. But you, as the corp, can now choose what card to hit them with–a Fetal AI, a Snare, even just a Shock. Or even just a vanilla asset with a high trash cost.

    I think this card goes into a Harmony Medtech fast advance deck that uses Trick of Light and SanSan to score from hand, so the ability to protect your Advancement batteries and protect them from Expose effects that Honor & Profit is bringing in will be valuable.

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  4. Toshiyuki is worse than Project Junebug for a Trick of Light battery, by my opinion. Deus X is a killer to PJ though, so maybe Toshi into Ghost Branch into Scorched Earth? That raises the number of defense the runner needs in place some, as they never know what you switched to. And it could be just an agenda, so you are really making the runner worry now. It could be a Snare if you are just looking for damage, since there’s no restriction to cards that can hold counters.

    Most interesting to me is that Ghost Branch into SE gets by (somewhat) the switch from Plascrete to tag avoidance, so “the combo” sort of helps Toshiyuki in an odd way.

    I like Matrix Analyzer in this deck. Not sure there’d be room for it though. Anyone like that card for Jinteki still?

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  5. Lots of things to talk about this episode. In regards to some of the reevaluated cards, the test run Magnum Opus (or SMC) is a great play, despite how often I’ve heard the opposite. As long as the Magnum Opus is safe, your economy is set for the rest of the game, which is a huge tempo boost for the Runner. The spend a turn for Melange for 7 credits, you can do the same for 8. And there is no need to Sure Gamble in an MO deck, unless you have huge burst draw. Much earlier on, my top 8 Kate deck from last regionals Only had MO and Underworld Connections for economy, and it was fantastic. Too often, as Sean said, the Sure Gamble is a dead draw with Opus. The math for both is the same, so it’s a waste of a card slot (click Opus twice for 4 Credits or click to draw Sure Gamble and then click to play it for a 4 Credit boost). Burst draw of course puts Gamble at a stronger position, but that style of draw isn’t as common any more due to Mr. Li or Professional Contacts.

    In regards to Armitage Codebusting, it is an amazing economy boost and sinks very well with Aesops (and thus Daily Casts). I’ve been running this economy “rig” since Plugged-In and often I have way more money than people expect-3xSure Gamble, 3xDaily Casts, 3xArmitage Codebusting, XxAesops Pawnshop (depending on deck), and a spattering of other cards (usually a Kati Jones and a Professional Contacts). Those cards themselves keep credits flowing, and with my Andromeda deck, add in Desperado, 2xBank Jobs (also wonderful with Aesops), and Datasuckers and you have A LOT of money.

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  6. Also, an amazing answer for Black Mail-Ash 2X3ZB9CY (or things like it). I played against an experimental Black Mail deck with my NEXT Design deck, which was a bit frustrating since I was so ICE heavy. But, after realizing how much economy was going into setting up for Black Mail and how much money I was saving from never rezzing ICE, ASH just kills Black Mail (even better if they don’t even have the money to trash ASH). I also played some smart baits to make the player burn Black Mails (which will make install Advance-Advance options even more fun and dangerous).

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  7. iTunes doesn’t seem to find the podcast anymore. There’s an error message on mine that says:

    The URL “” could not be found on the server.

    It looks like the URL has changed Team Covenant’s site.

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  8. Hey guys. Wording on Origami:

    “Your maximum hand size is increased by 1 for each copy of Origami installed.”

    Each Origami increases your hand size for each one on the table.

    1 Origami = +1 hand size
    2 Origami = +4 hand size
    3 Origami = +9 hand size

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  9. I enjoyed this one, but 1 astro per deck… brutal!

    NBN is less of the problem, and really I think it was just NEH speeding it all up.

    If I was to make a change for that, I would have errata’d NEH to also read “The corp needs 8 points to win the game”

    Less Astro/Fast Track/BN to secure the game. Encourages using the other NBN id’s. Encourages overscoring that Beale with a Psycho!

    But love the idea, its fun fun. ^^

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  10. Well there sure is a lot of X-wing news in this podcast. That “basket case” you are asking about is Richard Hsu and what he did is gamey but perfectly legal. FFG hasn’t made an errata to stop it because usually these “fortress/wall” builds tend to not win games of X-wing. So yeah if you are auto-bumping yourself and not moving you basically take all the guesswork for your opponent so that they may position themselves in the weak points of your wall.

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