1. Your videos have not only drawn me to this site but back to gaming with cards after 10+ year gap. I live in New Zealand and my local gaming club is predominately driven by miniature gaming (mostly GW.) Infinity, X-wing and Netrunner are hopefully set to diversify things a bit. I just wanted to let everyone involved in TC know that your humurous and thoughtful sharing of ideas on gaming is appreciated and changes more gamers’ hobbies than you probably realise. 🙂

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  2. noise

    2x mimic
    2x yog
    2x corroder
    3x parasite
    2x medium
    2x datasucker
    3x djinn
    2x imp

    3x armitage
    3x liberated
    2x ice carver

    2x special order ….
    3x emergency shutdown ……
    2x diesel ….
    3x sure gamble
    2x demo run
    2x deja vu

    2x grimoire
    3x cyberfeeder

    Not sure if you’ll see this, but I just discovered the News section of the site and saw your reply. I’ve taken the deck apart since then, not due to lack of effectiveness, it just wasn’t quite my style as I was branching out that week. From what I recall this was it though.

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