[Video] Netrunner Worlds – Game 2 – Jeremy v. Ben

Game 2 continues the wild thrill ride that is the first ever World Championship finals for the Android Netrunner LCG! This time we see the Criminals attempting to hack into the Weyland Corporation. Tune in as Jeremy and Ben continue this epic struggle in an attempt to become the first ever World Champion for this excellent game.

  1. Wow! Been seeing alotta ANR stuff lately and finally broke down yesterday and decided to watch the first game and it was nuts, then this second one was even nuttier. These vids are what has me deciding to play this game now so thank you to Team Covenant for that. The production and graphics on this one were even better than the last. Sucks that Criminal lost the game on a misplay if he had just remembered the tag it was anyones game there but the awesome upside is we get a third, likely just as epic, match between these guys.

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