[Video] Trace Amount Review: Netrunner LCG

The latest Netrunner LCG Data Pack, Trace Amount, arrived today and man… these are some fantastic cards! Check out Steven and I reviewing the entire pack on video below!

If you are a Netrunner LCG subscriber, Trace Amount has already shipped! If you aren’t, what are you thinking?!? You can sign up right here.

  1. okay have few questions of this game because after watching this video and even though know nothing of the game sounds quite fun what makes this game unique and worth getting into? (the fact that just starting off is a plus so not a big investment to get into) also how does the deck building work compared to like agot, as in alot of my playing with card games i supply the cards so is this like agot that i will have cards from different factions so can make all the separate decks or is it alot harder to supply all the cards for decks in this game?

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  2. If you don’t know anything about the game, it’d be hard to explain in mere words why it’s so great. Odds are, someone at your FLGS is bringing it to game nights. IIRC, you’re local to FFG, so you’d pretty much have a 100% chance to find someone to teach it to you.

    I’m pretty sure if you play it, you’ll get hooked. It’s amazing.

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  3. FLGS=Friendly Local Game Store
    IIRC=If I recall correctly

    Netrunner is unique because it is asymmetrical. In most card games, both players use the same basic kinds of cards; in AGoT, for instance, every House uses characters, attachments, locations, etc. In Netrunner, though, the Runner’s deck is completely unlike the Corp’s. The Corp wins by advancing Agendas and uses a slew of defensive cards to protect those projects. All of the Corp cards enter play facedown, so hidden information is a key strategic consideration. Is that card a valuable Agenda or a trap waiting for the runner? The Corp player knows, but the Runner does not. Runners, on the other hand, try to hack into the Corp’s servers using special Program cards. So, the two sides have to utilize drastically different strategies. That asymmetry is probably what makes Netrunner different from most any other LCG/CCG.

    As far as deckbuilding is concerned, you can build three different Runner decks and four different Corp decks with one Core Set. If you’d like more info about the game, check out the Android: Netrunner page on boardgamegeek.com. There are plenty of how-to-play videos and reviews that should give you a pretty good idea of whether you’ll enjoy the game.

    In my opinion, it’s an absolutely brilliant design. It’s the brainchild of the same guy who also developed Magic: The Gathering, but I think Netrunner is 100x better than Magic.

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