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Geiseric, the Souleater

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May 14, 2012


There’s a new Seed 3: Fall of Marmathoa card on The Spoils mothership, previewed by yours truly.  Check it out!


Click the image to see the full card and preview article.


I can’t wait for the new set!  :)


  1. Very interesting card. Makes bounce… Pretty insane. My only fear is whether or not it’s quick enough with Rage as it stands. Interested to see all the cards before making a judgement call.

    1. If every bounce card (for +1 cost) becomes a RFG card, I think that’s actually an answer to low-cost aggro more than any other type of card. This guy would have to be played turn 1 and kept alive though — that’s the tough bit. I feel like maybe rage-rush just steps on this card and keeps rolling out.

      How hard would this card be to protect?

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      1. If the Rage deck spends a turn getting rid of Geiseric, that’s still a turn they didn’t spend playing a bunch of fat characters to beat your face with. Seems okay.

        I think the Arcanist decks already have reasonable matchups against the Rage decks, unless they get the god-draw.

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