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He Said, He Said: Terra Khan

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March 8, 2011

DMZ is looming.  Are you prepared?  Are you ready for a horde of new players rushing to your LGS playing their pick from the Rise block?  Join Phil and Robert as they talk about what came before and is coming again, in this case the famous Terra Khan, and if it could stand a Make or Break.

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  1. Here’s another thought that I always liked for the Alpha Terra Khan: Blitz on brawl. Allows either a double-munch, or munch and punch.

    Ultra/Mega Terra Khan: Defense up! Perhaps at the cost of a health and make him a 6 / 5… I just really like 6+ defense. The 5 defense hyper forms is the main reason I shy away from Terra Khan a bit.

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    1. Blitz on his Alpha with munch is pretty nuts me thinks. Don’t you think that’s too strong (especially for an alpha)? I really like the flavor of it though, but I’d wanna swing the nerf bat at him prior to giving him that much of a buff though.

      Not a fan of the 5/7 concept for the Hypers?

      1. Not really. At 5 defense, you’re definitely open for units to start riddling you with shots. At 6, it’s possible, but starts to take more commitment, and less likely to do 2 damage in 1 unit turn. 7+ takes almost full commitment to do a point of damage with units.
        5 defense needs some kind of immunity or decent healing potential (high occupancy buildings + Chain Attack helps a bit for Mega TK, but I’d like to see something on Ultra TK)… Or just an awesome array of offense that allows one to just drop any considerations of defense. Ultra Terra Khan has some of that, but that pedestrian status forces him to be lacking the level of awesome needed to be willing to ignore defense considerations.

      2. Taking away both feeding frenzy the point in defense for blitz? That seems a bit harsh, maybe one or the other, and I really like Feeding Frenzy on him, more so than Blitz.
        Alpha Terra Khan feels like a general who wants to be in with his troops, encouraging them on front lines. Except for munch, all his abilities deal with his own units, and munch gives him a bonus for dealing with enemy units… The only problem is that this manages to make him forget about the threat of the enemy monster.
        Instead of Blitz, how do you feel about Synchronized Move on brawl? Allows him to screen up after brawling unit/building, or allows a unit to move in to give a reliable Feeding Frenzy.

    1. was thinking the same thing. but, i think that would lead to +2 health on a unit/unit swat, unless I miss my guess. (I know rage triggers off both attacks in a swat; would actual triggers do the same?)

      1. Yeah, me thinks that a potentially limitless source of health and gaining it at a rate of 2 per turn off the same stack of dice may be too strong.

        Definitely love the flavor though.

      1. That and Godzilla has “Steel Magnolias” and “Bridges Over Madison County” listed as favourite movies on her Facebook profile.

      2. Wait Chris. Why can’t men have babies. I for one (cue national anthem) believe that we live in a country of equal rights. And that means equal gender roles. I say that women should not be the only ones the have babies, men should also be allowed the same privilege, if they want it. America is the land of the free, and I stand for that freedom.

      1. I believe I read somewhere that the Japanese Godzilla also laid eggs, but was known as the “father” of Minilla, but it is still unclear as to whether Godzilla is a he/she… a female could be considered a father figure, but in my monster paradigm only females can lay eggs and give birth. I have no problem with anyone prescribing to an alternate paradigm.

      2. It’s never discovered what laid that egg. Godzilla at first appears to want to eat it…then protects it….and then is very protective of little Zilla, whatever he’s called.

        The only for sure shes are Mothra, with Rodan a maybe she.

      3. I’m not totally sure if Godzilla is male, female or a hermaphrodite.
        But there were 3 different eras. The Showa, Hensi, and Millenium. All were supposedly unrelated. Each movie, with the exception of a few, were supposed to be unrelated as well, but there were alot of tie-ins.
        Such as MechaGodzilla 2 being created from bits of MechaGhidorah in the Hensi series, etc.

      4. While I agree with the Male conclusion, the King of the Monsters title was added for the American Dub version, so I don’t know that should be taken as any sort of proof of anything.

    1. To me the big question is, is Godzilla a Terrasaur? I watched the original “Gojira” (check out netflix streaming, the have a bunch of old Godzilla and friends flix) last month. Besides the score/soundtrack being insanely scary in an abstract and deconstructed “bhuto” sort of vibe, what struck me is that Gojira is from the depths of the ocean. The scientist’s hypothesis was that Gojira was a sort of re-awakened ancient sea creature amplified by radiation from underwater nuclear testing….So Godzilla would be a mix of Triton and Savage Swarm. Perhaps later movies give a different origin story…

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      1. I just watched Gojira again recently as well… I always knew radiation was part of the scenario (we dropped the bomb on Japan… it’s all metaphor), but I assumed that Gojira was simply an aquatic dinosaur.

      2. One version of the films had Godzilla be a nuclear amplified T Rex or similar therapod. Most don’t bother with his origin. If he ever were to appear in Monpoc, he’d have to be in a Faction and maybe Agenda of his own. Or more likely Collaborators, as his motivations sometimes align with man, and sometimes not.

      3. Original movie also had alternative origin story from Oto Island.
        As for faction/agenda, it really depends on the movie. Godzilla could be seen as any of the following: Protector (especially in 70s), Radical (80s perhaps), Fiend/Invader (GMK), Destroyer (he was originally an allegory for nuke bomb), Collaborator (…. This agenda is so ill-defined that anything works).
        So, he’s anything and everything. Although fiend/invader is a bit of a stretch.

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