We’ve done it before, and it just feels like a good time to do it again…and maybe much more often in the future. It seems like we as a community always enjoy these kinds of live events, so let’s have some fun on:

Wednesday, September 14, 8PM CST (TOMORROW)

We’ll be streaming the cast live here:

Team Covenant Live

And we will be taking calls at this number, which will be broadcast live:

(918) 409-0491

Feel free to call in and ask about anything Monpoc-related, or, perhaps better, vehemently disagree with ANYTHING THAT WE’VE EVER SAID! We’ll take all Monpoc-related questions. The cast will be recorded and put up as a standard cast after Wednesday night, so those of you who can’t listen or contribute can still listen as usual!

We’ll be ready starting 8PM CST! Come bearing questions and comments or else we’ll spew all sorts of nonsense.