The Covenant Store – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Over the past several months, we have been working on a pretty big project. It’s something we’ve been talking about for years and a little over a year ago decided to seriously pursue. We’ve still got an enormous amount of work on our plates over the next few days but we did want to give all of our site users (especially those not in Tulsa, Oklahoma) some teasers.

As we announced during Gaming Reborn II, we were intending to open a brick and mortar tabletop gaming store. Saturday (two days ago) we had our grand opening. Below are some pictures from the event. You can get more pictures, information, hours, event info, and contact info on our Facebook Page for the store.

Later this week we will be posting a video walk-through (for those left unsatisfied with pictures) along with some other announcements. For more info, see our Facebook Page, Twitter, or Google+ Page.

Team Covenant

  1. Wow. That is absolutely amazing! You guys are a testament of living the dream! You’re truly an inspiration for me! Way to go TC!

    Why must you guys keep making me wish I lived closer to Oklahoma? I long for a game store to move into my area that is willing to support MonPoc, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your store in the video, especially those sweet looking display cases with art I can’t make out in the photos.

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  2. Phenomenal. I’m thrilled for you guys, & I’m very glad you had a great first weekend. The place looks amazing. This is the first thing that’s ever made me say, “Man, I wish I lived in Oklahoma.” If I lived in Tulsa, I’d be over there all the time.

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  3. It’s on the table, being played. As opposed to in boxes on a shelf. I think they’ve managed to bring the car dealer showroom to the LGS. Come one down, kick the tires, check under the hood, take it for a spin…THEN talk to the agent about the product. When you buy, you KNOW you’re going to enjoy, rather than “I saw this in Game Trade Magazine, and it got decent reviews on BGG, so I’ll give it a try…”

    I love my LGS, but I feel like I have to secretly read through a PP forces book to have an idea if I want to buy it.

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  4. The look reminds me of an Apple store. Or I should say, my impression of an Apple store, as I’ve never been in one. I think it’s an interesting take on the whole gaming store idea, although I have to say one of my favorite parts of going into a game store is browsing through all the various product. I’ve found some interesting things that way.

    Although, having the contents of games actually out of the box to be perused prior to purchase is great. It’s really nice to know what you will be getting when you plunk down some cash for something.

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  5. Thanks for the hospitality during my visit on opening day! I loved the Apple store-esque feel and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. I hope to drop in frequently in the future for some gaming!
    Where is the best place on this site to check out the hours and upcoming events? I’d hate to miss something great….

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  6. Right now links to our facebook page until we can get the proper page up. On that page, you can find our hours and events under the “About” section.

    We’ll have the official site up soon!

  7. Wow! Congrats guys, it looks great. Looks like you could have aGenius Bar to the right of the main pics. If you could serve BEER, and coffee, that would be awesome, a dream come true for ome of us ;). Is it big enough for Moncon? Looks like it could be…

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