A Special Thanks

A week ago Saturday we held our grand opening for The Covenant Store, Tulsa. We posted an update that included images and basic information about our newly launched store. In the months leading up to the big day (the grand opening), we talked about and considered many ways to involve our community members who have been with us while we were operating and growing exclusively online.

For the opening we had shirts printed with the highlights from our upgraded Phoenix (mock-up to the right). During the weekend we had a number of friends, family, and new loyalists who stopped by, bought some product, and picked up a t-shirt. Now that the smoke has settled and we have had some time to breathe, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to involve the community and offer a pretty epic deal.

To be fair, we don’t have a ton of these shirts left. However, we do at least have a few left for each size (small through XXXL) at the time of this posting. Instead of just putting them up for sale, we wanted to do something to salute those of you who have been supporting us for a long time and couldn’t make it to Tulsa.

For anyone who purchases at least one t-shirt, we are going to give you free shipping if your order total exceeds $50 (U.S. only, other countries can still select this options but will be billed at a discounted shipping rate).

Here is what you need to do to get free shipping (and a pretty awesome shirt):

1. Go to our web store and add at least one shirt to your cart
2. Add whatever else you want to your cart
3. Check out
4. When selecting a shipping option, if your order exceed $50 choose the ‘Pick up’ option (aka free shipping)
5. Complete your order

We could never give enough thanks to those of you that frequent the site, post comments, write blogs, and place orders. Without all of you we wouldn’t have made it this far and wouldn’t stand a chance at doing what we hope to accomplish in the coming months and years. Thanks so much… for everything.