We recently discovered through one of our distributors that Monsterpocalypse Big in Japan is out of print… By that, we mean that every distributor we’ve talked to is out and they can no longer get more through Privateer Press. The question now becomes, will there be a non-collectible release of Big in Japan models?

Common speculation is that there will, at some point, be a two player starter based on Now! and then (crossing fingers) a similar release to DMZ that features Big in Japan and the long speculated Series 6 models. Of course, all of this is simply speculation. With the radio silence on Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press we have no idea when more Big in Japan models will be available.

As such, we picked up as much Big in Japan from the distributor as we could. As of this moment, we officially have every Big in Japan model in stock (including monsters, units, buildings, and character units). If you were looking to pick any Big in Japan models up, now is the time to act. We have no idea when we’ll be seeing more of models like Tornadus or General Hondo. You can check out all of our Monsterpocalypse singles here.