Big in Japan: In Stock and Out of Print

We recently discovered through one of our distributors that Monsterpocalypse Big in Japan is out of print… By that, we mean that every distributor we’ve talked to is out and they can no longer get more through Privateer Press. The question now becomes, will there be a non-collectible release of Big in Japan models?

Common speculation is that there will, at some point, be a two player starter based on Now! and then (crossing fingers) a similar release to DMZ that features Big in Japan and the long speculated Series 6 models. Of course, all of this is simply speculation. With the radio silence on Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press we have no idea when more Big in Japan models will be available.

As such, we picked up as much Big in Japan from the distributor as we could. As of this moment, we officially have every Big in Japan model in stock (including monsters, units, buildings, and character units). If you were looking to pick any Big in Japan models up, now is the time to act. We have no idea when we’ll be seeing more of models like Tornadus or General Hondo. You can check out all of our Monsterpocalypse singles here.

  1. In response to this I’ll say that I expect a shift in MonPoc in the near future. I recently emailed PP about MonPoc specifically, to see what information I could get out of them. I figure there is nothing wrong with sharing it here:

    “Hello Chase,

    Thank you very much for the good words! Our team is
    currently in development on multiple new products that will expand the Monsterpocalypse brand, but we’re not ready to announce or give any details about them. I’m sorry but that is all I can say at this time.


    If I had to wager a guess (which is the best any of us can do right now) I would say that predictions of a format change (as alluded by PP members) is coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see something like a “Monsterpocalypse” 2nd Edition within the next two years, as many of PP’s other franchises including Warma/Hordes have gone through this change to great effect.

    Lastly, I expect this will all coincide with the movie in some clever way to maximize advertising and profit.

    Am I sad to see Big in Japan out of stock? Of course! Do I think that means the models will be lost forever? No way.
    Unfortunately PP has placed its current MonPoc fans in a crummy waiting game situation while it continues to succeed with other franchises. I’m sure we’ll get everything we’re hoping for in the future, but as always with this discussion it comes back to the “when.”

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  2. The problem with this long wait is that we’ve lost a lot of good players along the way. It does seem the base on these boards has grown some, but probably not as much as it could’ve. We have been lucky to get a few new players interested in the game the last two weeks at our LGS, hopefully they’ll decide to join us and keep playing. This is such a great game, but the lack of PP support the last year plus have driven away too many good players.

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  3. I’m not sure what kind of demand there is to “keep printing” with a set that’s been out as long as BIJ — the market at this point has plenty of circulating figures. Honestly I was surprised to see it being produced for as long as it was. There’s no kind of death-knell going on here…just the end of the natural supply/demand curve for any non-perishable product.

    DMZ is selling, so that’s where production money is going. We might be looking at the mass production of Quantum forms as well. Maybe a DMZ “NOW-block” package (w/ morpherz…*drool*). Any number of things would halt distribution without meaning anything remotely bad.

    Hard thing to say here. We (hardcore players) are 99% expendable. If the game dies, no reason to cater to us. If the game lives, we are very likely to come back — after all we haven’t left yet. Privateer can’t lose. The only mistake they could make would be to sink a large amount of capital into a game that didn’t sell broadly.

    I’m sort of hoping for a MonPoc 2.0 in a way, although I 100% do NOT expect it. I’d love to see smaller figures, better higher quality maps, tweaked rules/powers/figures, and of course even lower prices. Get this thing down to $25-$35 for an “everything you’ll ever need to play faction X” set, and you can add new fully complete sets as you desire. Buy 2 and play em against each other. Would be great.

    Implied by that — DMZ disappointed me in that the sets are NOT quite buy-n-play. No Meat Slaves in Cthul? Really? I’d have liked to see those sets negate the NEED to look into the singles market, unless a player wanted something a little different. As is, still essential to do so.

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  4. MonPoc 2.0 I’d be OK with, as long as I didn’t have to buy reprints of the old figures for them to still be legal. If they changed the rules of the game to make it more balanced and altared lackluster abilities to do new stuff, that’s cool. I just don’t want to have to rebuy everything for all the factions, or have to recollect Hyper Forms. Otherwise, have at us, Privateer.

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  5. As hard as it is for some of us to admit it, you’re right on the money, Jeff: The Monpoc customer community is 99% expendable. That might not be the correct term. Replaceable might be the better thing to think of. We’re a niche group of a niche group. I’ve felt for a long time now that the Dreamworks licensing deal made PP more money in terms of raw profit than the entire Monpoc retail line made combined.

    However, I’m very encouraged to see PP continuing to try and devlop the product. I do hope that whatever they come out with is either 100% compatible with the current figures, or if not, adapting the existing figures to any new format won’t be too difficult.

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  6. Well my collection is still and maybe indefinitely MIA , so the re-buy wouldn’t be as big a deal to me — trying to look objectively at it, thinking most of the potential player-base isn’t actually IN the player-base yet. They would be buy-ins, not re-buys. Gotta do what’s right for the future of the game, before you look at past purchase. It’s not like the figures couldn’t be used to play MonPoc 1.0 — 2.0 could be its own thing.

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