The Spoils TCG SEED 3 Preview: Ensmallment Ray!

Elitism has something small to say about which faction makes the best rush deck… and it’s huge!

Profile photo of Team Covenant By Team Covenant On April 24, 2012 Posted In General

Consistent updates have been flowing for the past few months from both and the official Spoils TCG Facebook page. Today we received a new preview from the upcoming box set SEED 3: Ensmallment Ray! If you thought a Senior Research Assistant was nuts, check out this item. All characters reduced by two cost? Insane!

Say hello to Elitism rush.

  1. This card will conveniently disappear from the table after the rush, too. I’m not sure what the right card is to play last and kill off the Ensmallment Ray, but there are plenty of choices.