Leviathans is on the Way!

We’ve been keeping watch on a game we noticed at a few conventions last year called Leviathans. What is Leviathans you may be wondering? Instead of trying to explain ourselves, here is an excerpt directly from the about page on their site:

Leviathans is a game in development by Catalyst Game Labs that simulates combat between warships that have taken to the air in an alternate history/steampunk 1910. The king leviathans, the battleships, are the largest vessels. Maneuvering in support are the smaller ships of light cruisers, destroyers, and others ships. Will you captain your fleet for king and country, expanding your nation’s power and becoming legend? Or will you fall from the sky, forgotten?

If you’re thinking: Alternate history? Steam punk? Miniatures? or Flying ships? then you are exactly where we were when we first saw the game! It was supposed to release last fall but ran into some major production issues. All of this to say, they just posted an update on their website that appears to be very promising and hopeful at a late summer release!

While we weren’t fortunate enough to demo the game (the lines were always INSANE), the basic rules pdf is on the site and everyone we’ve talked to loved it. We’ll be keeping an eye on the game and are excited about finally getting our hands on it. Below you can see some of the pictures (or all of them on the official update) from the post. The starter box looks LEGIT.

  1. From a quick flip through of the rules, it looks pretty interesting. I’ve always been a fan of space (and naval) tactical sims, so I’ll have to give this one a further look. The theme is great (reminds me of Laputa), and the rules a bit like the Star Blazers game (which was pretty cool, although never got much playtime by me, unfortunately).

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  2. BattleShip Galaxies is a similar game (don’t let the Battleship name fool you, it’s bears only a superficial relationship to the “You sank my” game) that’s a dedicated Sci Fi setting.

    Dystopian Wars is more comprehensive than Leviathans. DW covers land/sea/air battles, and I think allows you to mix the three. It’s also alternate history steampunk. Spartan Games as I think three lines now: Uncharted Seas (high fantasy on the high seas), Firestorm Armada (Sci Fi fleet action battles) and Dystopian Wars. They feature large resin minis that look decent, and people seem to like the game system.

    So Leviathans seems to be trying to find a place in what clearly is a market with some demand.

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  3. This does look interesting, and I like the depth they went into with the story and look of the things you get with the game. I was a little sticker shocked when I saw the price of the core set though. Ouch. But it be worth it if it is playable over and over and stays fresh.

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  4. I’ve been keeping an eye on this since I heard about it at GenCon many years ago. I’ll be curious to see where they go after all the delays in getting it to market. Aside from seeing all the familiar faces, a Leviathans demo would have been a good reason to get to Adepticon. But things happen. It’ll have to be pretty awesome to get me back into gaming. After Monsterpocalypse anything beyond a board game has a lot of work to get my interest and money.

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  5. My biggest fear with these new big box games like Star Trek: Fleet Captains, is the same with any game really. Finding people to play against. HeroClix and Monsterpocalypse did a great job building an Organized Play system to make it easy for players to find each other. I know there are lots of systems that don’t and do just fine. But I don’t hear much about Fleet Captains among my friends. I helped lead the charge around here on MonPoc when it first came out. I don’t know if I’ll do the same this time around. But I do want to get in a demo of Leviathans sooner rather than later.

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  6. Very interested in this one. I read that someone said it felt exactly like ship v. ship combat, where it might take 3+ turns just to turn your ship. Some people might worry that’s boring, but I find it exceptionally encouraging!

  7. Yeah, this one doesn’t grab me. Dystopian Wars is a good system in a similar setting that is already well established. There’s plenty of people to play with in my area if I’m so inclined – growing another game that seems very similar would be challenging.

    Definitely pass on this one.

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  8. This has always looked so nifty, but I wonder if the interest this would have had without Distopian Wars coming out first would have been greater or not. The idea of floating battleships is rather cool in either case.
    It looks like a very nice box, but it makes me wonder if the game will be limited by the one big box, or if they will be out with blisters like Spartans products. In either case, I will have to see how the game goes over before buying in.

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  9. In the end, any game is about replay value. Everything else is a gimmick. If a game is challenging, fun, and dynamic enough to take different figures/tactics in any time you feel like something new? It’s a great game. Otherwise it isn’t.

    Anyone who plays Go knows what I’m talking about. The wealth of play options for both sides lead to a never-before-played game every single time. And that’s just black and whites stones on a board, man.

    I actually am NOT sick of steampunk. It’s a nice look. I don’t care for post-apocalyptic though. And I never could “buy” neat and clean futuristic…it just feels too false, because nature is clean and man is lazy.

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  10. BGG has an update saying the games are packed and in the box.


    Wow, nice packaging!

    Also, I’ve done some more research into Leviathans and Dystopian Wars. While the settings are similar, I think the gameplay between the two is different enough that they are going to appeal distinct audiences, with some overlap. Leviathans appears to have a more detailed damage system, which would make sense as they engagements would appear to be between forces using a smaller number of models per side. DW is more of a larger-scale game that probably scales down well to smaller skirmishes, but sacrifices some detail in the damage system in order to accommodate larger forces overall.

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