It’s been fascinating to watch the Team Covenant website grow over the past few years. It’s hard to imagine a Team Covenant that doesn’t allow community members to blog or podcast, or one without a forum. Or even one without a stream of activity and updates in the sidebar. This past Friday, we launched something we call the Popular Blogs feature.

During Covenant Reborn II, we decided that blogs by Team Covenant staff shouldn’t be any different than the rest of the community. As such, our posts and podcasts started showing up just like it would for anyone else using the site. This created an unusual problem. When you hit the Team Covenant site, the main body of content (and the most visual with the banners) was being used to display news…

While we definitely want to continue being a site that keeps everyone up to date on their favorite games, that isn’t the focus of the site. The focus is the community. So we knew two things needed to happen:

1. The main section of the site should highlight the community
2. News needed to be present, but not the focus

We also ran into another problem. As more and more people blog, there are some days where you might post and before the day is over your blog isn’t even on the homepage any more. This is only going to happen more as the site continues to grow.

Almost immediately after Reborn II we started work on the Popular Blogs feature, something we think solves a lot of problems. Instead of news being the featured content on the site, the most popular blogs from the Team Covenant community are now featured!

But what exactly does that mean?

When you write a blog and hit publish, it’s still going to go straight to the homepage. Just under the featured blogs section is the ‘New Blogs’ section. For your blog to make the ‘featured’ section, it has to be good… but not arbitrarily good. We aren’t going to hand select blogs to feature. We have developed an algorithm (one that will continue to grow and change) that scores every post on the Team Covenant site over time and intuitively chooses the most popular blogs to feature.

So if you write a stellar piece outlining a map (great post MrFroggies!) or post a sweet podcast (again, awesome Cody), you might just find yourself at the very top of the Team Covenant website. We will continue to update the ranking algorithm as time goes on to make sure that the best of the best winds up on top.

It is worth noting that this works with the filters. So if you only want to see Game of Thrones content and that filter is on, it’s only going to show the top Game of Thrones blogs.