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Game of Thrones LCG: Getting Started

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May 2, 2012

There are few things like finding a new game, scavenging the internet for information, and finally getting your hands on it. While most game companies do a pretty good job of putting information online, most of the time it’s just not quite enough. For A Game of Thrones in particular, questions like “what do I buy after a core” or “where is the best place to look at cards online” often come up.  Today we are officially releasing our Game of Thrones LCG Getting Started page.

The page includes information and links to just about everything online for Game of Thrones. This includes info about the game, it’s history, suggested ways of getting started, events, and links to some of Game of Thrones most popular online resources. So, if you ever have friends you would like to recommend Game of Thrones to or if you are interested in learning more about a fantastic game, check out our newest getting started page!

Team Covenant

    1. Yes, the community here at TC is the main reason I made the jump. From what I’ve seen in the MonPoc realm, it has to be the best. Others in the past have been so bad they drove me away from a game.

      I just hope I can find some people to play. I have 1 maybe 2 buddies looking to play like me.

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  1. Most new players play Stark because they are easiest to begin with. Very straight forward play style(win military challenges, kill characters…bleh). Targ probably has the hardest time winning because they have so many moving parts and rely on a lot of different resources and card interactions. That being said, Targ is amazingly fun to play. IMO they are the most rewarding to win with when it happens. They have a lot of different decks with varying playstyles using a multitude of agendas that are all viable. Plus, Dany is the True Queen. You can’t play a house that has a bunch of usurpers and traitors. :)

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      1. I don’t really consider Lannister tricky fun. They are a 1, maybe 2, trick pony with kneel and INT challenge dominance.

        Martell on the other hand… *shudders*

  2. Hi,

    Nice initiative, this game is not easy to get into.

    I really like your podcast. I don’t use iTunes though and I can’t get the complete list of episodes into my podcast-app at the moment. I’m guessing I wouldn’t be the only one who would be very happy if you guys could provide an RSS feed for your podcast.

    Thanks, / Björn

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