There are few things like finding a new game, scavenging the internet for information, and finally getting your hands on it. While most game companies do a pretty good job of putting information online, most of the time it’s just not quite enough. For A Game of Thrones in particular, questions like “what do I buy after a core” or “where is the best place to look at cards online” often come up.  Today we are officially releasing our Game of Thrones LCG Getting Started page.

The page includes information and links to just about everything online for Game of Thrones. This includes info about the game, it’s history, suggested ways of getting started, events, and links to some of Game of Thrones most popular online resources. So, if you ever have friends you would like to recommend Game of Thrones to or if you are interested in learning more about a fantastic game, check out our newest getting started page!

Team Covenant