Yesterday we got our first look at one of the upcoming Chapter Packs of the cycle the has just begun this week.  You see them eyes?  Scurry!

“He has faces beyond count, little one, as many faces as there are stars in the sky. In Braavos, men worship as they will… but at the end of every road stands Him of Many Faces, waiting. He will be there for you one day, do not fear. You need not rush to his embrace.”
–The Kindly Man, A Feast for Crows

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The House of Black and White, the fifth Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game to arrive from Beyond the Narrow Sea!

For years, during and after the war, Arya Stark recited a nightly prayer. It was a list of names. They were the people who had done the most harm to her and to her family and whom she most wished dead. For a long time, her prayers went unanswered. Her father’s northern gods failed her. The seven gods of the southrons were no help. But in Braavos, at last, Arya thought she found the god she sought, the Many-Faced God of death, the god of the House of Black and White.

At the End of Every Road

The House of Black and White introduces sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that further enrich the Beyond the Narrow Sea cycle and its exploration of the people, places, and events of Essos. Of course, Arya Stark (The House of Black and White, 81) and The House of Black and White (The House of Black and White, 82) feature prominently in the Chapter Pack, but players will also find a host of high-impact new locations for each House, as well as an arsenal of Weapons and other attachments.

George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, is a sweeping epic that details the machinations of several Houses and spans both years and continents. However, it is simultaneously an intimately personal tale that traces the impacts that the story’s key events make upon its main characters. Some die. All change.

The House of Black and White allows you to change your characters (and your opponent’s) with a handful of House-specific attachments. Meanwhile, players who favor the saga’s unique personalities will find deadly new tools in The House of Black and White to help them cut through opponents’ non-unique minions. Though all must eventually find their way to the Many-Faced God, some may first live in such a way as to merit a song, or to shape the conquest of Westeros.


Arya found her way to the House of Black and White, seeking revenge for the deaths of her friends and family members. Now, as the Great Houses play their game of thrones, will Arya Stark be able to draw upon her lessons from The House of Black and White to slay her foes?

Look for Arya Stark, The House of Black and White, and a host of other locations, characters, attachments, and events to redefine the nature of revenge when The House of Black and White releases in the third quarter of 2012!

This chapter pack is already available for pre-order through the store, so you can be sure to have it delivered to your front door as soon as possible.  Or you can ensure you get this and all future chapter packs as part of the Chapter Pack Program.

You can catch the original preview here.