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Warmachine: Full Stormwall Preview

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May 25, 2012

Just a few minutes ago, today’s Privateer Insider went up with a huge spoiler of the upcoming Stormwall Colossal for Cygnar! You can see the full blog here and the preview below! For a limited time, you can pre-order the Stormwall Colossal for only $89.97!

  1. I think the MAT is a tad too high for something that big and lumbering. Does it need to hit things with its fists anyways?

    Also, I thought the DEF would be lower and the ARM higher. It’s as big as the broadside of a barn, and has as much plating as some warships.

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  2. DEF 10….pretty much anything will always hit it. It doesn’t ever get cover or concealment, right? So only magic DEF buffs will help it at all. Carni’s assault breath will hit it on a 6.

    MAT 6 seems about right. it’s got bigger meaty fists, it doesn’t really have to be all that accurate because it’s arm is as big as a heavy. ARM 19 does seem a little low. Charging Carni bite will do 2-17 damage. At 27 damage a side, one good charge from most any heavy is going to cause a lot of damage to these things.

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  3. The numbers are interesting. 56 damage boxes and 6 shots every turn (at RAT 6) is very good — some heavy melee warbeasts might tear through this Colossal in a single turn, but it’d shrug off most other enemies. It dishes out plenty of offense in exchange for the points spent. I like it, but I begin to worry that colossals are seriously under-costed for what they do.

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    1. The local meta where I live sees a lot of people leaning the opposite way. Their attitude is, sure, the Colossals are great, but are they 19-20 points’ worth of greatness? To me, it really depends on the warcaster. Also, don’t forget Armor Piercing and combined attacks. Okay, my Ripjaw isn’t going to wreck a Stormwall all by its little self, but straight damage dice on a charge isn’t happy times for anything.

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    2. I can already think a couple of Minion casters who won’t have much trouble the Stormwall… in fact, it will get chewed to pieces by a force led by Calaban or Carver… even Arkadius. And those are MINIONS. It’s a huge investment of points on something that could easily be lost in one turn. I think they got it just about right, if anything this particular Colossal might even be over costed. Waiting for the other Colossals to see if they are as lackluster as the Battle Engines(a couple of the BE’s are awesome, but most… eh.) I think they will mostly be a “for fun” type of thing until larger point games become the norm… which is probably the whole reason for the Colossals.

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      1. The offensive output is easily more than 2 heavy jacks, and you don’t lose that output until the thing is wrecked instead of half wrecked (what it would take to wreck 1 of those 2 heavies). At 19 points it’s easily at-cost or under-costed — no way is it over-costed. I can’t speak for the other Colossals, but this one is gross at 19 points. I’d say this one is worth at least 24-26 somewhere. Don’t forget that as a jack, this thing can get repaired.

    1. Even if all they can do is explode (no movement) or even just sit there forever, they are pretty good. It might not have dawned on anyone yet that the Lightning Pod deployment isn’t just a weapon. It could also block a charge from something that wants to do serious damage to the Stormwall. If it sports high ARM and a few health boxes, plus explodes when it dies? We could be talking a really gross weapon.

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