MonCon 2012

Tonight we have the privilege of welcoming players from all across the continent to Tulsa, Oklahoma for one extraordinary weekend of Monsterpocalypse action. We will be posting pictures, updates, and video all weekend, so for those of you who are interested in keeping up with the happenings at MonCon 2012, here are some useful links:

Facebook Fan Page – pictures, links, updates, etc.
YouTube Channel – video content from the weekend
Twitter – pictures and updates
MasteringMonPoc – twitter handle run by Zach. He’ll be tweeting throughout the event as well as while he is playing in the Championship on Saturday

For those of you who are making the journey to Tulsa, we wish you safe travels and cannot wait to see you! For those who are unable to make it out, we’ll do our best to keep the above sources as up to date with content and information as we can.

  1. Is that the one you put up on Facebook? Thanks! I took more pictures than I usually do, but haven’t had time to get them off my phone yet. I’ll post/send them when I do. I have a good one of you with QGrosh on your head. Glad you survived that. 🙂

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  2. Hahaha yeah! I loved the idea of taking a picture of your opponent for each battle but I forgot the very next battle :p

    Thanks for the concern but luckily Robert’s Qgrosh is easy to tame; just throw him a slice of chicken from Chik-fil-A and he’s sleeping like a shiny purple puppy!

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