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GenCon 2012: Netrunner Demo!

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August 16, 2012

I know there has been a lot of excitement around this release.  People have been dusting off their old boxes in anticipation!  Well, wait no more.  Michael Silsby, graphic designer on this re-boot took us through a few turns.

Strap in for a look at this much anticipated game!

Also, if you know you are you going to be a net runner be sure to pre-order your copy today. These things are selling extremely fast and we have no idea how many we’ll be able to have on hand!

  1. I was on the fence because of the two player aspect, since my gaming group has 3 regular members and duel games rarely last long, but screw it. This game looks far too awesome to pass up. I’ll just have to kill one of them.

    Also, it’s so blatant that this was originally a Richard Garfield game. I’ve never seen a game with such complicated jargon since… well, Magic. Haha!

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