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August 17, 2012

An interview with the creator of Summoner Wars and mastermind behind Plaid Hat Games, Colby Dauch!


  1. I loved the interview with Colby. He seems like such a nice guy. I would love to get to meet him some day. Too bad he only goes to PAX East. I am a PAX Prime kind of guy. Oh well maybe some day I will make it to GenCon.

    Thanks guys for doing such a good interview.

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    1. Colby is a super nice guy. Really loves what he does and it shows. Also, he seems super concerned about making sure Summoner Wars is balanced, not really a personality trait, but something that I love to see in a game designer!

      1. Yeah I can vouche for his need to have things be balanced. I was on the playtest team for Summoner Wars for a couple sets..namely the Cloaks, Jungle Elves, their reinforcements, and the Fallen Kingdom and Cave Goblin reinforcements. Let me tell you that was the most greuling gaming experience of my life. I played probably 100+ games over a twoish month span. He is certainly all about getting the factions balanced. The cloaks at first had a great win % vs the field(70%) so he gave assassinate and cloak of shadows the magic costs to even thing a little and that brought them more in line with everything else.

        Love the game! Other than A Game of Thrones this is my favorite game on the market! Glad to see Colby so enthused.

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