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Summoner Wars Unboxing!

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August 28, 2012

After the petition, being wow’ed at GenCon, and playing it at the store, we just can’t get enough of Summoner Wars.  We hope you guys feel the same because we’re hoping to produce a lot more content for this great game.  I (Jonathan) am even thinking about starting Marcus Utley’s “Mastering Summoner Wars” series.  Today, however, we have a new video going over what’s in those beautiful Summoner War’s boxes.


  1. Very nice video, Steven! I love the board from the master set. I actually have a board that I bought about three years ago at gencon that is probably teice as thick as the new ones.

    I like when you said “5 dice, that should be plenty.” I have an addendum…”5 dice, that should be plenty…until someone plays with Guild Dwarves.” :)

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      1. I used to be a hardcore Monpoc player but it’s kinda dead at my area, sadly.

        Btw, what size of card sleeves fits perfectly for SW? and after the cards has been sleeves, does it still fits in the SW box?

      2. I don’t sleeve my cards, but from what I’ve heard the size typically used for Yu-Gi-Oh are the best fit. I’m not sure they’d still fit in the Master Set box, though; it’s a pretty snug fit.

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