While the tutorial produced by Fantasy Flight Games for the Star Wars LCG is great, we thought we’d take a crack at demonstrating the game in true TC fashion! Below you can watch a full video demo and FAQ by none other than Steven and myself, completely walking through how a game of the Star Wars LCG is played and going over some things that might not be so obvious the first time or two through the rules.

If you’re interested in picking up the Star Wars LCG, you can order it right here! We even have a subscription service where you can sign up to have Force Packs delivered straight to your door automatically.

NOTE: In the video, I say that you draw your hand before picking your objectives. The rules actually have you pick your objectives FIRST, then draw your starting hand. Also, Steven interchangeably uses ‘Force’ and ‘Focus’ when talking about FOCUSING a character to attack. The appropriate term for this is to Focus a character, not force them.