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[Video] Fall Top 8 – Damphair v. Boltons

Profile photo of Steven
February 5, 2013

In what is surely one of the most interesting pairings of decks in the Fall Top 8, we have a Greyjoy deck revolving around the Damphair Chargenda facing off against the rejuvenated Boltons out of Stark. Did House of Dreams really make all the difference for this theme? Find out below!

      1. tcol or octgn? If it’s tcol I may have to go watch the replay!

        (best part of tcol by the way… if octgn could record games…)

      2. Yep, that Gregor catches so many people by surprise. Usually they will try not to kneel their 2 str characters…good thing Lanny can help you out in that department. :) If I had only drawn a dupe of Gregor before the Valar. :(

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