Today, Fantasy Flight revealed the first previews from the sixth and final installment of the Genesis Cycle for the Netrunner LCG. As a Weyland player myself, this preview is extremely exciting! Let’s get to the goods.

As usual, the pack itself is beautiful. On to the cards!

In standard FFG fashion, we have the stack of previews, many of which you can’t fully read.

At the top of the stack we have Corporate Warfare, a brand new neutral, 4 cost agenda worth 2 points. If you have at least 7 credits when you score it, you gain 7 credits. Otherwise, you lose all your credits. The first comparison that I think has to be made is to Private Security Force. If you’re the kind of corp that doesn’t do much tagging, this agenda seems to be a MUCH better choice. I think this is a great alternative that, if scored early, can help move the Corp along at an extremely fast clip.

Next up we have Ronin, which is fully spoiled further down in the original post. This is an interesting asset for Jinteki that can be advanced. If it has 4 advancements on it, you can spend a click and trash it to do 3 net damage. While at first this seems pretty costly, I think this is a really great card. With options like Trick of Light up a Corps sleeve, investing a few advancement counters here isn’t a total sink. If the runner ever ends with less than 3 cards in hand, this hands you a win. Solid option if played correctly.

The third up is a partially spoiled card, Burke Bugs. A free piece of ice to rez with a single sub-routine; Trace 0, if successful trash a program. We don’t get to see the strength, which I think makes or breaks this piece of ice. Cards like Security Subcontract really come to mind here with Ice like this.

Next we have a Shaper Icebreaker called Deep Thought. 1 cost, 1 memory, and it’s a virus! All we get to see is “when you make” and we can only guess at the rest. There is also a partially spoiled Criminal icebreaker called Faerie, 0 cost and 1 memory. All we know about this card is that it’s a killer.

We have a final preview in the post, a Weyland Asset that costs 2 to rez. If the Runner is tagged, Dedicated Response Team gains ‘Whenever a successful run ends, do 2 meat damage.” Because of the timing of rezzing cards, this is a SUPER interesting card. If the runner ever makes a run with a tag, they are asking for trouble. I don’t know how often the runner is going to actually make a run while tagged, so I’m not 100% sold on the usefulness of this card.

I’m imagining a situation where they hit a data raven and decide to keep going, where you can then decide to rez this card. By the end of the run, they are taking 2 meat damage. I’m optimistic about this card, but at current have a hard time imagining consistently making it work.

If these previews have your mouth watering as much as mine and you want to make sure you have this pack the week of the release, you can either pre-order it here or sign up for a Covenant LCG Data Pack Subscription. You can find the full announcement on the Fantasy Flight Games website here.