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2013 Game of Thrones Regional: The Covenant Store, Tulsa

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April 13, 2013

Tournament starts at 11 am central time on April 13th, 2013. As soon as the event begins, you’ll be able to follow pairings and results round by round on this page….

We’re now underway! We’ve got 26 players vying for the Iron Throne in Tulsa Oklahoma!

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      1. Unfortunately the camera went down for my first top 8 match, so you’ll have to settle for me vs. Greg and me vs. Matt. But they’ll be worth your time!

    1. Agreed, it was awesome getting to see all the regional players instead of just the hometown. So much fun today! Larry, Dodd, Brett, Jose, and Thomas, it was great getting to meet and play you all today. (Except for Dodd. I suppose we have a match on OCTGN soon…)

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      1. I won’t lie. It’s hard to remember they ever supported other games before Thrones! :-)

        But I will agree with everyone that the system is kick-ass and does show how dedicated these guys are to getting the players the info they want as fast as possible!

        I also had a great time at the event and look forward to trying to make it out to Springfield to get to play with those folks again.

      1. Nightmares was his MVP against me as well. That’s why good deckbuilders put in good answers. Nice job, Matt, all the way around. From having the guts to run a Dragon deck to the skills to pilot it, just an amazing day.

  1. Thanks for the awesome tourney fellas. Had a blast, it was worth the drive from Austin. Learned a ton and got to see some amazing players beast it up. Thanks for the hospitality, the experience, and all the advice, absolutely humbled by ya’ll. Big shout out to Buz, Steve, Jacob, Robert, and Josh! Keep it up.

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      1. Steven plays Bara now haha. But seriously, I’ve been encountering some of these new Asshai decks and, wow, the recursion theme is going to be super strong sooner than we think.

  2. Hi guys! What a turnout! I would loved to have played but I’m halfway across the world unfortunately. Do you rate The Long Voyage?

    I really enjoy watching your videos and your podcast and youtube channel were a great resources for me when I was learning the game.

    Cheers – Bert

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    1. Great to hear Bert! That’s fantastic.

      As far as The Long Voyage, it’s a great Agenda. We went over the main points on our podcast about it, but overall its proven to be quite strong. Some decks just needed a little bit of card draw to keep the aggro pressure on, and TLV is just what was needed.

      Of course, I’d love it if all houses had reasonable access to card draw, which is what we’re seeing now. This game is best when both players have cards to play and can duke it out in the Challenges phase instead of the Marshalling phase. There are varied opinions on that, though, as you might imagine :)

  3. Hi guys, i just loved the steven deck, and i’m trying to build mine own version can you tell me when can i find the list to get some ideas.

    Also i would like to hear from steven, his own opinion about the deck for each match up. Couse i have been testing my own version without many success.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    1. Steven doesn’t post lists. Kinda like Robert and Zach don’t either. It’s like they don’t want people net-decking or something? 😉

      HoD is certainly in a downward spiral right now so it may not be the best choice. I ran a Raiders deck at my regional like he did but used The Long Voyage for my agenda and it’s much better. I actually made the finals and lost a narrow battle against another GJ deck. You honestly don’t need Longship Grief out from the start to make it a good deck anymore.

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      1. Dude! I actually don’t mind at all, but I just have to find the time! I’ve been swamped getting some (crazy, amazingly) exciting designs done for this very site. So it’s worth it!

        The main thing to talk about is the event slots. I ran 2x To Be a Kraken, 2x Die By The Sword, 2x Nightmares, and 1x Nighttime Raid. Fury of the Kraken as Restricted.

        Like Nathan said, TLV is much more solid at the expense of a slight loss of rush. Really slight. Unfortunately most GJ decks should just run TLV right now. I refuse to, but it’s the truth!

        And let it be known that after the Regional I think that deck went 0-6. Got destroyed! It just happened to be the right gap in the meta for it to compete.

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