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[Video] 2013 Regionals: Greyjoy Grief v. Greyjoy Choke

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April 17, 2013

The first game of the Top 8 from our recent Regionals tournament at The Covenant Store! Steven faces off against Jose in what one must imagine is some sort of kingsmoot. Will the Raiders, led by Euron, claim enough power before the gold flow gets shut down? Take a look and find out!

  1. As always – I love these videos! Props to you Steven for your balanced viewpoint and just overall great attitude. Both Dan and Jose faced you and they both said you were one of the most enjoyable opponents they played all day… even while losing.

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      1. Awesome video, painful to relive the experience though! But I do feel better after hearing ya’lls commentary. Going in I knew I would have to have a great draw, and make no mistakes to even have a chance. It was a fun experience and it was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone. Joshua, I shared your brutal Longclaw and Cersei combo with a buddy who runs PBJ and might be kicking myself in the pants down the road for it. Thanks again to all for the hospitality and fun times.

  2. Always great to see the videos – I check the Youtube channel every day for new ones.

    Grief was one of my first HoD locations, but I never really developed it. Glad to see someone really work with that deck to make it good. I look forward to hearing more information in the form of tournament reports and, of course, watching more videos.

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