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Introducing the TIE Defender

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June 11, 2014

Who said TIE fighters have to be squishy? Meet the new standard, the TIE Defender. X-Wing players, rejoice.

Get your Wave 4 ships!

  1. Just remember, that double-ion token doesn’t leave you ioned for two turns, you clear all ion tokens after you execute your 1 maneuver. The double-ion from pulse missiles will let you ionize large ships in one attack.

  2. Nice video! I think Rexler Brath really wants predator, even though he’s already an expensive ship. That way he can reroll at least one attack dice, possibly 2, then use his focus token to flip those damage cards. Sounds good on paper, anyway.

    Also, appreciated the double beard stroke at about 6:15

  3. I can’t wait to get one! Should I buy a Defender and a Phantom, or two Defenders…

    I looked up a little bit about the back story of the named pilots, and discovered that Colonel Jendon was flying right there with them in Onyx Squadron.

    Rexler Brath (37)
    Colonel Vessery (35)
    Colonel Jendon + Fire-control System (28)
    TOTAL 100

    This is one I’m interested in trying out. Jendon hands off a Target Lock at the beginning of the combat phase to Rexler, so he can spend his Focus to turn damage face up. Colonel Jendon fires and gets a free TL thanks to FCS, allowing Vessery to get a free TL to stack with his Focus. It’s mostly just a fluffy squad to match the lore, but it has a bit of synergy there.

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