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Seduction & Malware | Two New Data Tokens

We love revisiting old token lines, and especially love the world of Android, so it only makes sense to pull a couple of new Data Tokens off the presses! The Seduction Token captures a very specific, noir-inspired vibe found throughout gritty sci-fi settings like Netrunner and others, while the Malware Token reveals snippets of sinister code creeping within every virus.


The Seduction Token

The Seduction Token

We love to use this token for Femme Fatale, Lady, and even Earthrise Hotel, but your imagination is the limit! The gorgeous blue acrylic is the same we use for the Tags and we have found it to be the perfect balance of color and transparency. Inspired by the classic noir “seductress”, the beautiful face on the front sits atop a skull hiding in the parallax. Our interpretation puts a digital twist on both aspects so that the token can represent both meatspace and/or cyberspace. Learn more about the Seduction Token on our store!


The Malware Token

The Malware Token

Given that viruses are such a huge part of any cyber-dystopian future, it is only right to have multiple types! The Malware Token stems from the desire to create more variation among viruses on the board coupled with a need to offer a virus token that was visible in lower light environments. The clear acrylic can disappear a bit when playing in places like pubs and bars (and in that case, they are probably disappearing for other reasons too) so the Malware is an unmissable bright red on opaque black. Its design synthesizes with the original Virus Token, but unlike the original Virus, it reveals the “heart” of code that is housed by every malicious script. Learn more about the Malware Token on our store!

Seduction & Malware


We are thrilled to offer these new additions to our Data Token line! You can learn more about them on the official Data Token page or contact us with any questions. Continued thanks for the incredible support given to us by the Netrunner community. More to come!


The Worlds Of Android Book – First Look

Last week at Worlds, during our interview with Christian, we were shown something truly remarkable – the first-ever Worlds of Android book. You can catch more about this book (the production of which is also truly remarkable) in the upcoming interview, but until then we simply could not wait to share the pictures that we snapped before we left.

This is easily one of the most beautiful books ever made, and a huge step forward for the Android universe. As you might imagine, we are selling it – so get yours now! (Click images to enlarge)













Netrunner Regional Analysis

What a phenomenal event. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who made our Regional a smashing success, especially those who drove many miles to do so. We could not have been happier with the positive energy in the place. The Netrunner community is always impressive.

We had a total of 58 participants in the tournament after the smoke cleared.  Supreme congratulations to Pacer Stringfellow, who won the day with Noise and Replicating Perfection by defeating Ahmed Abassi (Kate, RP) in the finals. One thing is for sure – Georgia brought the heat on this day.

Here is the faction breakdown.

Shapers ran the day, with 10 Kates, 6 Kits, 5 Hayleys, 2 Chaos Theorys, and 1 Nasir. Anarchs were right behind them, with 4 Noise, 4 Whizzard, 3 Reina, 3 Valencia, 2 MaxX, 2 Quetzal, and 1 Kim. In a wild phenomenon that has never been observed before, Criminals had the weakest showing, with 8 Andromeda and 7 Leela.

This Regional was the story of Replicating Perfection. Jinteki easily takes the most-represented title, with 15 Replicating Perfection (over 25% of the field), 3 Personal Evolution, 2 Tennin, and 2 Biotech. Haas-Bioroid followed with 11 Engineering the Future, 2 Foundry, and 1 NEXT Design. NBN and Weyland tie for least-represented, with 7 Near-Earth Hub and 4 Making News for the former and 6 Blue Sun, 2 Gagarin, 2 Building a Better World, and 1 Argus Security for the latter.

After the Top 8, Shaper and Jinteki were the star performers!

Our Top 8 competitors were running the following lists:

Ahmed Abbasi – Kate / Replicating Perfection
Zach Bunn – Kit / Near-Earth Hub
Sean Pacer Stringfellow –  Noise / Replicating Perfection
Ross Freitag – Kate / Replicating Perfection
Ben Torrell – Hayley / Near Earth Hub
Sasha Friedman – Andromeda / Engineering the Future
Sam Suied – Reina / Replicating Perfection
Adam Roach – Leela / Replicating Perfection

If you would like to be surprised when we post our coverage of this event on YouTube, hide your eyes! Otherwise, take a look at the tough journey of these competitors through the bracket.

*Resolved Bracket*

Ahmed faced off against his meta-mate, Sean Pacer Stringfellow and lost to a well-oiled Noise deck! Mark one win for the Anarchs this season.

Productions of most of these games, as well as our post-game with Pacer, are in the pipeline.  Thank you again to everyone who spent Saturday with us playing one of the greatest games ever created. Keep an eye on our live stream this weekend for our X-Wing Regional, and catch our weekly Netrunner nights every Wednesday at 6:30 CDT!

Netrunner March Monthly

A series of random events created an influx of Netrunner content this past month, so here it is before we get to the Netrunner and X-Wing Regional footage! Other Regionals are coming over the next few months.

From the archive, we pick this series up on the second game, with Chris being up 1-0. Bradly is playing for a shot at the true finals, but will Near Earth Hub have what it takes to keep Reina Roja out of the game?

With the series at 1-1, Chris takes on Bradly’s Near Earth Hub a second time. It all comes down to this – it is up to Reina to pull it off!

Covenant Starters

New to tabletop gaming? Got your eye on one of these fantastic games? No idea where to start? We are here for you! A Covenant Starter contains all of the products and guidance that you need to establish a solid foundation and fall in love with the game(s) of your choice!

Start Playing The Best Games In The World


Our Netrunner Store Championship

Jeremy and Sasha clash at the top of the bracket with the winner moving to the Finals. It’s Kit “Rielle” Peddler sifting through the servers at Engineering the Future – will she find what she needs in time? Direct from Tulsa, OK.

Data Tokens & Click Trackers

After a close first game, Sasha faces Ryan for a spot in the Finals. Stealth Andy has been strong this season, but will it be enough to overcome the static economy advantage of Engineering the Future?

It’s the finals, where Jeremy and Sasha meet once again. Jeremy only needs one win to take it home, and his Grail Replicating Perfection has been on fire. It’s up to Sasha’s Andromeda to keep hope alive.

It’s the comeback story of the century. Can Jeremy’s Kit finally put Sasha to rest? After a close first encounter, this final game is sure to be a stormer.


Order & Chaos Fight Night

Our own Tim Bunn and Steven Wooley face off in a series of six games, with each player using each Order & Chaos identity!

Tim’s Decks
Steven’s Decks
The Data Tokens They’re Using 

First up, Tim’s Gagarin v. Steven’s Edward Kim!

It’s the second game of Order & Chaos Fight Night, and this time Tim’s Edward Kim stares down Steven’s Gagarin. Will there be enough barriers in Kim’s way to keep him from finding Weyland’s true agenda?

Down 0-2, Steven attempts to claw his way back into the series with Maxx, but Tim’s Argus Security is prepared for the infiltration!

Tim’s MaxX takes a peek at Steven’s Argus Security. Will she destroy the servers before her apartment blows up?

It’s all tied up moving into the final games of the series! Tim’s Titan Transnational claims to provide The Way Forward, but Steven’s Valencia is determined to expose the secrets within.

It’s 3-2 in Steven’s favor! Can his Titan Transnational defeat Tim’s Valencia deck to clench the series? It’s one of the craziest games yet!

Tim and Steven are completely tied, on their way to a critical Game 7! Steven chooses Anatomy Maxx while Tim plays Gagarin. Join them for the final match and an extended Order & Chaos dialogue.


Click Trackers, Your Personal Console

After an extended period in the lab, Click Trackers are finally here! Sporting the classic Data Token parallax, there is no better way to both accurately track your actions and vividly sink into your console. We’ve designed a pack of 4 Bonus Clicks in addition to the standard 1, 2, 3, and 4, in order to accommodate any situation that might occur in-game. For more information, check the video below!

Get yours today!

Holiday Tokens Are Here

We’ve reworked a few of our tokens to give them a holiday flair! Get in on the new look while it’s available, and have a fantastic holiday season from all of us at TC! Available until December 31st!

The Holiday Three-Damage Force Token is a festive way to destroy your enemies! As an added bonus, it totally looks like a candy cane.

The Holiday Divided Range Rulers are perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed about a white light saber! You’ll also spread the holiday cheer around your X-Wing table by making the all-important “1-range or 2-range” measurement!

The Holiday One-Damage War Token brings the brightness of Christmas to a universe well known for its happy demeanor! Kill your enemies with pleasantness!

Finally, the Holiday Five-Credit Data Token makes it virtual Christmas at any time of the year! In Netrunner, it’s always better to give than to receive…

Have a great season full of games!


Upcoming Releases: Holiday Promotions, Wave 5, Blackmane, and More

It’s an amazing time for all of these games! Rejoice!

Last week we received Celebrimbor’s Secret, a beautiful new pack for Lord of the Rings, as well as All That Remains, the critically important “dog breaker” pack for Netrunner!

Next week we’re expecting Wave 5 for X-Wing, and everyone reading this should know how wild that’s going to be. Howl of Blackmane for Conquest is also arriving, with a new Warlord that might actually knock Sicarius out of the top (let’s hope). And New Town, New Rules, the first saddlebag for Doomtown, is on its way, with a much-needed injection of new cards for every faction!

In addition to all of these holiday-timed goodies, we’re upping the ante with lower prices on all of our non-preorder, non-custom items, and offering free shipping on most orders over $125.

Text can only do so much, so let Robert’s dulcet tones give you the full scoop.


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