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The Rebels From Command and Control

As the Rogue Squadron Cycle continues to develop, the excitement increases as it seems several new deck types are on the verge of being “competitive” going into the 2015 Regional Season. We have had a consistent flow of new cards and today it is time to reveal even more of the upcoming additions to the game!

Take a look at Command and Control, the Rebel Alliance objective set from the upcoming Evasive Maneuvers Force Pack!

The objective is a 5/1 with an ability, something not unfamiliar. Increasing your reserve value is never a bad thing, but it seems somewhat limited. In the early stages of the game, this is effectively blank. Towards the middle of the game you might have one or two Objectives in your victory pile, which could be really useful. In a 2 v 2 game, this number could technically also be higher, so that is worth considering.

Ultimately a solid ability that offers something a player desires, which is increased hand size. Unfortunately, the games where it is most useful are the ones where you are being successful so it might end up just being a ‘win more’ card. That said, it is not a negative so we will have to take a look at the rest of the set. Speaking of which…

The stat lines on this ship are incredible. It also has Shielding and a potentially useful ability. I will discuss that ability a bit more later, but for now due to how rare it is that we see three objective damage on a single unit, let us compare Independence to some older units. The most notable units that come to mind are Red Five and Moldy Crow.

Red Five is the kind of card that has tempted me on so many occasions during deckbuilding. Somehow, though it never ends up being ‘good enough’ for me to rely on it. With Independence you pay one additional resource and get so much more. It generates a resource, has a unit damage, has shielding, AND has an ability. Of course, Red Five has Elite, but the issue is keeping it alive long enough for that to matter.

As for the Moldy Crow, the Crow is one of the best units in the game. Unfortunately, it is in an Objective Set with some unfortunate cards that really limits its play. That said, it makes for an easier comparison because of how similar the stat lines are. Independence loses an objective damage, but turns an objective damage black and gets a black unit damage. It replaces Elite with Shielding and gains a resource. The Crow’s ability is insanity, while Independence’s ability is solid.

Among the three units, the Crow is the best unit, followed by Independence and then Red Five. The beauty of the Star Wars LCG though, is that you cannot judge a card in space (read: a vacuum)! We will have to check out the rest of the cards to really see what we are working with.


Oh baby, baby!

While the Moldy Crow offers two Ruusan Colonist for backup, Independence is backed by two Corellian Corvettes. As compared to other four-cost units, these are not lighting the world on fire (as compared to Luke Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, Ferus Olin, etc.). Even so, a four-cost Capital Ship with three health, all black icons, and an ability that draws you a card when it enters play is all sorts of interesting.

For starters, these pair very well with Independence. Of course, you cannot rely on having Independence in play to justify having these in your deck, so you have to wonder if there is some other way to get vehicles into play at for less resources… Hopefully at this point you are either thinking of Defense of Yavin 4 or are a new player to the game!

The objective (Defense of Yavin 4) lets you discard a card to reduce the cost of a vehicle by one. You can do this multiple times for the same vehicle, but you cannot reduce its cost to less than one. If you have Defense of Yavin 4 out, these ships are essentially a three cost unit (since you draw a card from playing them). Of course, in a 2 v 2 game they are even crazier since they draw a card for both players.

There is something happening here, but I am not quite sure what yet. Let us dive a little deeper and see what the rest of this Objective Set holds for us.

As a zero-cost enhancement with two Force icons, it is going to be tough for the Resupply Depot to disappoint. It is not limited (which is good) and features the Action as seen above. The ability to add combat icons is all sorts of trouble for an opponent. If they don’t block, a tactics or objective damage could be game changing. If they do block, a unit damage or tactics could be instrumental.

Surprisingly, this is the best card in the set. It works on all vehicles and can give you the extra punch or options at will. Paired with cards like Red Two (who happens to be in Defense of Yavin 4), this ability will create game winning scenarios more than any other card in the set.

Upon some consideration, this set has a very interesting design. The first three cards (the Capital Ships) all being units with such a high cost makes it seem like a set you would only want one of in a deck. I would fear dead draw with too many high cost units, but between this card and the ability on Independence I cannot help but feel this as a two of is going to be the baseline for a new type of deck…

Let us round out the set and we will talk about this ‘new deck’ a bit more after.

I’m a big fan of Supporting Fire. Being able to add edge cards after the fact is fantastic. That said, if the ability on the Corvettes was not enough to convince us that this set was good for 2 v 2, Supporting Fire certainly is. While certainly not a card exclusively good in 2 v 2, it is certainly more powerful in that scenario.

It also brings up the fact that Independence says each other ‘friendly’ Capital Ship, meaning each player could technically be playing Capital Ships for less. Some of the early 2 v 2 centric objective sets have fallen out of the 1 v 1 scene, but this seems like an objective that walks the line appropriately to be good in both formats.

As I mentioned above, it seems like this is the beginning of a new kind of deck in the Star Wars LCG. The real question is going to be “can Capital Ships really be a deck?”.

Capital ships are big units that pack a mean punch and should offer staying power, especially if Sith Control is the top deck. The deck should be able to win games fast, but might struggle to win edge battles. The risk the deck also runs is having too many high-cost units clogging your hand and not having the reducers or resources to put them into play. The deck also tends to be not great at stopping an opponent or taking the Force.

On a first pass, I am imagining a deck that looks something like:

Affiliation: Jedi

2 x May the Force Be With You
2 x Defense of Yavin 4
2 x Command and Control
1 x Green Squadron Deployment
1 x The Rebel Fleet
1 x Rogue Squadron Assault
1 x Called to Arms

This certainly is not a “finished” deck, but it is where I would start in testing. May the Force could seem odd here, but the one thing this deck isn’t going to be good at is controlling the game and holding the Force. Having the option to attack with units and unfocus them to take the Force or have defenders could be critical. Ultimately, MTFBWY is just that good. Yoda is a solid option to have on the board to slow the game down and is your best shot at winning an edge battle.

I am sure there are a lot of interesting ways to build to this (including a pure Rebel deck), so where would you start testing with this new Objective Set? Is this objective enough to make Rebel Capital Ships a competitive deck?

I will be back next month with a preview of an Objective Set from the next Force Pack, Attack Run. In the mean time if you would like to automatically receive Force Packs and Expansions as they release, check out Covenant Subscriptions.

Until next time, may the Force be with you!


A Look At The Survivors

It’s time for another Star Wars LCG Force Pack! With a cycle named Rogue Squadron and a pack called Draw Their Fire, I bet you’re expecting today’s exclusive preview to involve vehicles. Well… if that’s what you were expecting you’ve come to the wrong place!

Today I’ll be revealing and discussing the upcoming Jedi objective set from Draw Their Fire, The Survivors.

With art that awesome, it’s unlikely this would be a standard 5/1 Jedi objective. On top of the stats we’ve come to expect, it offers a powerful Interrupt allowing a player to prevent a damage to a unique Jedi Character once per turn.

WHAAAAAT?!?! (in my best impression of a Lil’ Jon scream). This ability is fantastic.

In case you didn’t know, I spent the first year and a half of this game’s life attempting to make Jedi viable. Eventually, May the Force Be With You (MTFBWY) released and the Jedi became the affiliation to beat. MTFBWY (the entire objective set) was everything the Jedi needed and more to build first tier, competitive decks. Had The Survivors released before MTFBWY, I believe it would have been enough to make Jedi a serious threat.

In the early days of the game, the Jedi could dominate the Force, control the board, and win edge battles… but this wasn’t enough. The biggest problem they faced was consistency. With a dependency on higher cost, individual characters they were simply too likely to have an awkward draw in the early to mid game, or to watch Yoda (Core Set) get choked out (Vader + Force Choke) right after playing him.

This objective is excellent with all of the currently played Jedi objectives, but it is also a significant booster for a number of lesser used ones. I’m very excited to dive into the rest of the objective set to see if this could truly shake up the game!

The man, the myth, the legend. Previously found offering guidance in Heroes and Legends, this four cost unique Jedi is about what you’d expect stat wise when paying his cost. Three Force icons, three health, solid combat icons, and solid traits. What you also get, though, is the best keyword in the game. Protect. In addition, you get a Reaction that synergizes wildly with it.

All of this makes him easily one of the Jedi’s most useful units to date. He makes offense a huge problem for the Dark Side with his combination of unit damage and Protect + Reaction. His greatest weakness is his lack of Elite, but I’d say the trade off is well worth it. This objective set is already good enough to see play, but let’s dive a bit further!

You know, you might look at this guy and think ‘vanilla’ or maybe even “man, this guy looks like he might be getting into some trouble’. I’m sitting here thinking the Sulon is actually just what the Jedi ordered and he’s going to have no trouble getting by these Stormtroopers. You see, his greatness lies in his lack of greatness… Wrap your mind around that!

Here’s the deal, this could have easily been a Ruusan Colonist. It’s not that I mind being reminded of Brad Pitt occasionally (in fact that’s one of the better features of the Colonist), but it’s the objective damage that is the real winner here. If I learned anything endlessly pursuing a way to win with Jedi, it’s that the one thing you have to have is objective damage… and characters… and resources… and this guy is all three!

Surprisingly great fit in this spot and I’m continually impressed with how this tier 2 slot is doing work in the new objective sets!

There are some less-than-exciting lightsaber forms in the galaxy, particularly the part of the galaxy where the Star Wars LCG lives. That said, the Shien form is no joke! This is a two cost enhancement with an Interrupt directly from the deepest bowels of the Sarlacc.

The issue with enhancements on units, particularly ones that require a Force User, are that you have to spend so many resources on a single unit. There are a limited number of turns and resources available throughout a game of the Star Wars LCG, so it can really be risky to invest even more in a unit like Luke or Yoda or Obi-Wan. The difference here is that Shien Training protects itself against most direct control (less cards like Sith Lightning) and actually offers a solid amount of control itself.

Imagine for a moment that you attach this to Luke (of almost any variety) and attack. This makes the idea of blocking terrifying. This is exactly the kind of thing the Jedi need. With few units who need to get a lot done, they have to be able to force the issue for an opponent and this enhancement lets them do just that.

Inversely, it’s also phenomenal on defense. Imagine this scenario (and this will happen), on your first turn after Refresh you play Yoda, You Seek Yoda to play Yoda (MTFBWY). You discard a card during the Draw Phase and draw two cards. You play Shien Training on Yoda and attack. If they weren’t likely to block before, they sure as heck aren’t blocking now. You go to the Force Phase and commit Yoda, unfocusing him with MTFBWY. Now you have the Force and one of the most bizarrely frustrating units ready to block, and if he takes damage he can send it back your way…

This enhancement is the real deal. It pairs very well with A Hero’s Trial and any good Jedi units, meaning this objective is getting better with each card. Let’s keep on moving!


I’m really happy to see this card getting into another objective set. If you’re surprised by the word ‘another’, this card was originally in Last Minute Rescue. Some things should never be forgotten, like this fantastic card. Of course, if you were trying to make Jedi work in the early days of the game this may or may not have been an objective in a deck you took the first National Championship, but who is keeping track of these kind of things anyways? Right? Right… *nervous laughter*

Seriously though, this card is all kinds of awesome. Two Force icons and an event that can absolutely change a game, what’s not to love? This card can provide unseen offense or defense and can even guarantee you the Force Struggle. Knowing they can’t focus Yoda enough to prevent you from playing this and keeping the Force is rather nice. Also being a decent edge card if necessary, this is exactly what an event ought to be.

Fantastic card.

Had this been Twist of Fate, I don’t know that I could have freaked out enough. As it stands, we get a two Force icon Protection. The more times I have a deck with Protection in it, the more I’m finding that I drastically underrated this card when it first came out. I’m a big fan of what this allows you to do and think it’s a solid include in this objective set.

The Survivors is fantastic. It pairs well with almost any deck I can imagine and probably some that I can’t. I think it works well as a single objective set include and I’ll definitely be trying it out in my deck from Store Championships. I also think it goes well as a two-of in decks and can really be a lynchpin for certain styles of play. I’ll be looking to test that out as well.

What are your thoughts on this objective set? Do you have any builds you’re already planning to test with this?

If you’re not already a Covenant Subscriber, you can automatically have Force Packs like Draw Their Fire delivered to your door as they release for just $15/pack! You can learn more on the Covenant Subscriptions page. You can also order Draw Their Fire if you don’t already have it headed your way!

Until next time, may the Force be with you.



Black Squadron Has Arrived – Ready For Takeoff

Going into the Rouge Squadron Cycle, a cycle themed around vehicles, I couldn’t help but be immensely excited to see what Sith would be getting throughout. Sith is known in the game and in the greater Star Wars universe for their characters, not their vehicles. When I saw our preview from Ready for Takeoff, I was thrilled! It centers around the Black Squadron, the very group that Vader led into the fray in A New Hope (if you don’t know what Black Squadron is you can read more here). Let’s dive in!

We start with a 5/1 objective, the standard. It does have the ‘Death Star’ trait, which I’d love to see developed at some point. It offers an interesting Action, focusing the objective to return a target Black Squadron card from your discard pile to your hand.

At current, there aren’t a ton of Black Squadron cards in the game. This exclusive list includes Backstabber, TIE Advanced, Black Squadron Pilot, and Vader’s TIE Advanced. We’re getting a whole cycle for vehicles, so I expect this list to be much larger by the end of this cycle. That said, there are no obvious synergies unless they exist in this objective set. Getting cards back isn’t typically bad and it could be used to cycle a card like Vader’s TIE Advanced for its edge icons each turn.

While decent, the ability isn’t immediately game changing. Let’s hope the objective set itself has much more to offer.

As a character, Mithel isn’t lighting the world on fire. I wouldn’t pay three for this unit unless he was my only option, so I’ll go ahead and jump to the pilot ability.

As a one cost enhancement offering the ability to remove a fighter from an engagement, I LOVE it! Being able to block units like Yoda from May the Force Be With You and not risk losing the unit is huge! At worst it lets you play cards into the edge battle without risking a unit. If you win the edge battle, you can strike with the unit and then pull your Fighter out of the engagement. If you lose the edge battle, you can focus Mithel to save the Fighter. This is brutally awesome.

It also makes me like the objective ability a bit more. This is definitely a Black Squadron card I would want to be able to get back, especially if I dropped it into my discard pile with Vader’s TIE Advanced. Speaking of which, getting the icons on this unit on Vader’s TIE Advanced would be a very solid exchange… I also see it pairing well with the already spoiled Baron Fel and Precision Flying (from Superior Numbers). Having edge on Fighters and including them to win an edge battle, then removing the Fighter to go again with another squadron of units is so awesome that my teeth hurt.

I don’t want to get too theoretical here, but I am a huge fan of Mithel as an enhancement. That’s a really useful ability that can save important units from getting removed. Let’s continue.


What!?! WHAT!!??!!?!pouhbndzc

Sorry, while I was freaking out about how good this card was I threw anything I could at my keyboard and that’s what came out. This card is UNBELIEVABLY good. Dark Side vehicle Protect is enormously important. The fact that it comes on a three health unit with black unit and tactic icons is bizarre. But wait, there’s more!

We also get awesome traits with Vehicle, Fighter, and Black Squadron? Surely that’s it… right? Not even close! While it’s piloted, you prevent the first point of damage it would take each phase. So you protect two damage on something else and this unit ultimately takes one… I can’t help but want to start yelling really loud. This is so good it’s hard to convey just how good it is in text.

Also, let’s also not forget about that small, little ability on the objective. The one that let’s us get Black Squadron cards back. Hopefully you’ve connected the dots, but once your opponent finally gets rid of this unit you can just bring it back?!? I’m not even think about having an Escort Carrier on the board either, because then I’ll have to throw my computer…

What’s hilarious is that seeing this unit might take some wind out of the excitement of this set, but it shouldn’t. While the TIE Advanced isn’t as flashy as Mithel or Black Two, this is actually exactly the card I want in this slot. It’s a great two cost unit that continues the synergy with the Superior Numbers objective set (where Escort Carrier hails from). Having three units in this objective set is perfect and increases the number of Black Squadron units that are possible to recur in the deck.

Surprisingly happy with this being in this set!

I liked this card a lot when I first saw it, but the longer I think about it the less significant it feels. It has a lot of great things going for it, including the fact that it’s not restricted. More importantly though is the fact that it’s a Sith resource, which isn’t common. On top of that, we get an ability.

It’s ability, reducing the cost of the first pilot each turn, seems extremely powerful at first. IF you can play a pilot worth playing each round, it actually becomes fantastic. My biggest concern, due to a lack of knowledge of the cycle, is just how many worthwhile pilots you’re going to have that you want to play on your turn instead of bringing them in through cards like Stay on Target… speaking of which.

This card is fantastic. Two edge icons and the ability to drop in a pilot is great. There’s not much to say but how awesome this card is. Back to the resource though, it’s going to be hard to know how useful that is until we have a better idea of what pilots will exist and just how useful they are in the game.


This objective set, combined with the previews that FFG posted from Ready for Takeoff have me so Ready for Takeoff (get it?) I can barely stand it! This objective set is a great addition and gives serious teeth to rush decks for the Dark Side, which is really exciting. This is just a first pass at building a list, but I already know the exact deck I’m trying out the moment this pack arrives. Here is the deck.

Affiliation: Imperial Navy

2 x Black Squadron Assault
2 x Black Squadron Formation
2 x Kuat Reinforcements
2 x The Empire’s Elite
2 x Superior Numbers

The synergy in this deck blows my mind. My biggest concerns are that I don’t have a single Twist of Fate in the deck and I don’t have any target removal, but I’ll leave those cards for control decks! This deck is about winning as fast as you possibly can and with all the excitement for this deck, I’m ready to fly right out the door.

What do you think, can this deck outrun the current Jedi control builds? Do you like this objective set? Will Dark Side rush decks be a legitimate contender going into regionals? Are you Ready for Takeoff? I’d love to see your thoughts below in the comments.

If you aren’t already a Covenant Subscriber, you can sign up to have Force Packs, including the rest of the Rogue Cycle, delivered automatically for $15 a month (including shipping)! You can also pre-order Rogue Squadron Force Packs.

Until next time, may the Force be with you!


Holiday Tokens Are Here

We’ve reworked a few of our tokens to give them a holiday flair! Get in on the new look while it’s available, and have a fantastic holiday season from all of us at TC! Available until December 31st!

The Holiday Three-Damage Force Token is a festive way to destroy your enemies! As an added bonus, it totally looks like a candy cane.

The Holiday Divided Range Rulers are perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed about a white light saber! You’ll also spread the holiday cheer around your X-Wing table by making the all-important “1-range or 2-range” measurement!

The Holiday One-Damage War Token brings the brightness of Christmas to a universe well known for its happy demeanor! Kill your enemies with pleasantness!

Finally, the Holiday Five-Credit Data Token makes it virtual Christmas at any time of the year! In Netrunner, it’s always better to give than to receive…

Have a great season full of games!


GenCon 2014 Recap

Well, we’ve officially returned from GenCon 2014 and are starting to wrap our minds around all that happened. We wanted to provide a quick snapshot of the updates we posted for reference and ease of viewing.

Before we dive in, we want to give a huge shout out for all the views, comments, emails, and purchases we got over the weekend. You guys are the best, and all the positive vibes really help us push forward with Gaming Reborn.


This year at GenCon there were several new and exciting games revealed. We were able to get a demo of several of them on video! First up we have Star Wars: Armada, originally announced by Fantasy Flight Games the week before GenCon.

At the InFlight Report (video coming soon), FFG unveiled, among other things, Imperial Assault! We were able to get a pretty lengthy demo of how the campaign mode works.

Rounding out the new releases for FFG at GenCon was the Conquest LCG, set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Of course, FFG wasn’t the only game in town. AEG dropped a highly anticipated game in the form of Doomtown: Reloaded. It’s a remake of a classic game set in the Deadlands universe, and we were able to get a demo from brand manager Todd Rowland.


Beyond the demos, we were able to sit down with quite a few industry veterans and discuss these amazing new games along with some of our favorites. First up we have Senior VP of Communications from FFG, Steve Horvath. We hit on the new releases from FFG and the general state of Organized Play. Definitely worth a watch!

We were very fortunate to have the chance to sit down with Eric Lang, the designer for several of the games we support, such as the Game of Thrones LCG, Star Wars LCG, and Conquest LCG. He’s also the brilliant mind behind XCOM, the newest board game from FFG.

There’s been a change of guard when it comes to X-Wing development, with Alex Davy and Frank Brooks taking the reins. We sat down for an interview and honestly couldn’t be more excited about the future of this game!

Becoming a GenCon tradition, Steven sat down with Damon Stone for some deep conversation about both the Netrunner LCG and Game of Thrones LCG.

We also had a chat with Netrunner lead designer Lukas Litzsinger for some discussion on the past and future of Netrunner!

Brad Andres, one of the developers for the upcoming Conquest LCG, also gave us a piece of his time…and he got us pretty amped.

Concluding the FFG-related interviews, we caught up with Matt Newman and Caleb Grace, the lead developers for the Lord of the Rings LCG.

On the AEG front, we got some time with Mark Wootten, the lead designer for Doomtown: Reloaded!

While exploring the Infinity booth, we saw our old friend Brian Ramey, and had a chat about 3rd Edition!

If you’ve never heard of Shut Up and Sit Down, well… you’re missing out! We sat down to chat with Quinns, one of the masterminds behind this bloody brilliant and hilarious board game review entity.

And finally, we stopped by to visit our old friend and RPG designer extraordinaire, Luke Crane!


Outside of all that, we also caught random moments of joy on film. Our first stop through the FFG booth!

And then of course, the FFG booth AFTER the InFlight Report.

And while we didn’t get a full demo, we got a quick look at XCOM.

We also took a stroll (or two) through the Infinity booth.

And we caught a keynote about… 3rd Edition!

And finally, Steven had to geek out about some D&D designs or some such… didn’t we all?

Coming Soon

We’ve still got more coming from GenCon! Here is a list of what to expect in the coming month or so:

Fantasy Flight Games Full InFlight Report
Finalist Interviews
Full Corvus Belli Presentation
Finals games of:

– X-Wing
– Netrunner
– Conquest
– Star Wars
– Game of Thrones
– Doomtown: Reloaded

Again, we can’t say thank you enough for all of the support, views, and purchases we got over the weekend. Stay tuned for big changes in the coming months!


The Slimiest Scum Objective Set

There is no question that the Echoes of the Force cycle has dramatically changed the landscape of the Star Wars LCG. Courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games, we bring you an exclusive Scum and Villainy preview from the final pack of the cycle, Darkness and Light. Let’s dive in and see if this objective set changes the landscape once again!

The Slimiest Scheme… Alright, so we have a standard 5/1 objective. It’s Tatooine trait-ed, which can be important. Scum already has the Sarlacc that can only attach to a Tatooine objective. We’ve also seen Protect Tatooine for the Light Side and Protect Coruscant for Sith, so it’s not unreasonable to think we’d see the same thing for Dark Side Tatooine in the future. The objective also comes with the Scum and Villainy affiliation only limitation.

Most importantly, it has an action to focus the objective to return a target Scum unit to its owner’s hand. This may seem trivial, but my head is already buzzing with ideas. Ideally, the cards in the objective will take advantage of this, so I’ll sit tight on speculation until we’ve seen all the cards.

Speaking of those…

A fan favorite (if this is you, I’d like to meet you. I’ve never been an overly huge fan of Salacious, so I’d like to see just what kind of person is into this little creepster), Salacious is actually pretty phenomenal. It would be easy to write him off, but let’s consider the card for a moment. For starters, he’s a one cost unit with a tactics icon. In most affiliations, this is big. Out of Scum, it’s actually a bit less important.

However, he packs an amazing reaction that is extremely important for Scum. One aspect of the game they certainly lack at the moment is having Elite units. A way to move focus from a unit that’s buried, that has a resource, or that attacked or blocked when committed could be huge.

The most obvious consideration is in concert with Jabba. Being able to pay one to put this unit into play at will is rather powerful. Striking with key characters like Zuckuss or Bossk, then dropping Salacious in to unfocus for another strike in that combat or to start another could be devastating. Combined with the Boba Fett previewed from the upcoming deluxe, you could destroy two objectives with Boba and Salacious. Of course, using Jabba to put him in and then triggering him to remove that focus from Jabba is not only thematic, but provides the classic “surprise tactics”. Those are the kinds of plays that win games.

We actually get two Palace Security in this objective. I would have preferred a two-cost unit with two health and without the reaction, so we have to ask if the extra health and the reaction is worth the cost. With Sleuths still being a serious threat, any time my deck starts loading up on three cost or higher units, I start to ask questions.

Overall though, this unit is worth three. However, one of the unique aspects of the Star Wars LCG is that you can’t just examine a card for its own sake. You have to examine it within the objective, and I think this isn’t the unit you necessarily want two of in this objective.

Time will tell, but I think two of this guy along with a unique unit in the first slot (Salacious) means this is likely going to be a one-of in most decks.

This card is CRAZY and potentially the reason to run two of this objective. Replicating a reaction for one resource, even if I don’t initiate it, is wild. Obviously this pairs well with Salacious and the Palace Security, making for some nice synergy within the objective (something Scum tends to lack). Removing two focus with Salacious or two damage with the Security is a much better looking proposition, and both could be critical to prevent what looks like a Light Side win.

This card is going to forever be a consideration as long as reactions are being printed on cards. I’m not even going to try to list them or consider the best ones, but the ability to replicate a reaction for one is pretty amazing. Not only that, but the card requires no resource match AND has three force icons.

I’m excited to see just how brutal or not this card ends up being.

We round out the objective set with a Prized Possession. This certainly isn’t the best card, but it’s one I don’t mind seeing in this objective set.


This objective set is a nice add for Scum and brings some really interesting synergies to the game. I don’t think it will be as foundational as Slave Trade, but I definitely think it will find its place in the palace.

The biggest issue with the objective set is that the two Palace Security units. It doesn’t make it unplayable, but this won’t necessarily be an objective you build a deck around. That said, if I were building a deck to use this objective in the current environment, it would look something like this:

2 x Jabba’s Reach
2 x The Slimiest Scheme
2 x Slave Trade
1 x Findsmen’s Intuition
2 x Trandoshan Terror
1 x Hive of Scum and Villainy

One final thought I have is considering this objective set in a 2 v 2 environment. The craziest combination I can think of in that scenario is the potential synergy with Mercenary Support. I’m not certain I’d run a deck with both objective sets, BUT if you can get both objectives out there are some really absurd plays that you could make.

Having one player running two of The Slimiest Scheme and the other running Mercenary Support opens the window for quite a few shenanigans. The potential to pay one for a unit and then pay one to bounce it after it strikes could be really powerful.

Of course, you could also do this in 1 v 1, but I’m not certain a deck rocking two Slimiest Schemes and a Mercenary Support would somehow be in a competitive deck.

I’d love to hear what you think of this objective set in the comments below! Will it make the cut for Scum? How would you build a deck with the Slimiest Scheme?