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Promotions Abound: X-Wing, Conquest, Star Wars LCG

There is nothing better than getting sweet perks for doing things that you want to do anyway! We have a few special, exclusive promotional tokens going out to Conquest subscribers, Star Wars LCG subscribers, and X-Wing Wave 8 buyers. Each purchase directly funds the content that we produce, so the token is just icing on the cake!


This Bounty Cloak token was inspired by the first Scum ship with access to Cloak, the Mist Hunter! The original Cloak token, with its clean, “professional” lines did not seem appropriate for something from the arsenal of Star Wars’ oft-illicit bounty hunters.

We filled the interior of the token with a design inspired by a few of the classic bounty hunter ships and a much wavier, “aftermarket” cloak transition to drive home the underground technology found in the outer reaches. Likewise, the design of the outside sensors became more complex and jagged, and the outside cut of the token lost its smooth, circular bumps in favor of a less “perfect” shape.

One Bounty Cloak token is included in all orders containing $100 of Wave 8 ships, which is right at one of each, so head over to the store and make the most of this incredible new X-Wing wave! If you need more information, check the video or contact us directly!


Our Primal Damage token slots perfectly into the Force Token line and celebrates the upcoming journey through the Endor Cycle! Featuring unique, in-house art engraved on Cherry wood, it is the most organic Force Token ever created!

We are sending one Primal Damage token with every pack going out to Star Wars LCG Subscribers during the Endor Cycle! Every subscriber will have six Endor-inspired tokens to enjoy by the end of the cycle, so subscribe today or watch the Primal Damage Token video if you need more convincing!


Finally, the Shrine Resource Token. Conquest is headed to one of the classic shrine worlds, and the theme was too incredible to ignore. We completely re-imagined the 1-resource token from our War Token line and converted it to a style fitting the religious overtones of Planetfall. You can imagine this token being exchanged among the myriad of devotional institutions found on a place like Sacaellum, or scattered throughout the coffers of those who have laid siege to it!

We are sending one Shrine Resource token with every pack headed to Conquest LCG Subscribers during the Planetfall Cycle! A set of six awaits anyone subscribed during the entire cycle, so learn more about Covenant Subscriptions or watch the Shrine Token video for more information!

Stay locked for more promotions, previews, and videos as we travel to Worlds and move into the holiday season! Huge thanks, as always, to each of you. If you ever need to get in touch, drop us a line at


Covenant Templates Redux

Covenant Templates have been an awesome product for us, and we would be crazy to not stop everything that we are doing to thank all of you. The X-Wing community here is phenomenal, and the corresponding support for beautiful, high-quality templates has allowed us to keep moving everything forward. Thank you!

The launch of our new logo necessitated all-new designs for the template etchings, and we took advantage of this opportunity to also change their name. Covenant Templates are now Squad Templates, and they sport the simpler, more impactful phoenix (they look gorgeous!). This new name provides a less-ambiguous impression (Covenant Templates is pretty wide open), and it keeps us safe from potential conflicts as we develop additional templates compatible with X-Wing and other games.

You can find the newly-skinned Squad Templates on our updated page, or, if it is easier, swing by our store in Tulsa and we will give you a tour in person!

A huge thank you again to the worldwide X-Wing community for choosing our templates as the standard. We will continue pushing ourselves to make the best products that we possibly can.

Covenant Starters

New to tabletop gaming? Got your eye on one of these fantastic games? No idea where to start? We are here for you! A Covenant Starter contains all of the products and guidance that you need to establish a solid foundation and fall in love with the game(s) of your choice!

Start Playing The Best Games In The World

Our X-Wing Store Championship

We kick off our X-Wing Top 4 with a Falcon v. Whisper match between Dennis Harlien and Gavin Norman, who both made it to the top cut among a field of 32 competitors! With two ships each, it’s sure to be frisky.

Order your Squad Tokens!
Order your Templates!

The second game of the Top 4 from Tulsa’s X-Wing Store Championship between Jon Cleaves and James Hobbs! Han and Corran see both sides of the table, but only one build can be victorious!

James Hobbs and Gavin Norman compete for the title all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma! It’s classic two-ship Rebels v. Imperials, with Corran, Han, Chiraneau, and Whisper crashing through space! Check it!

Holiday Tokens Are Here

We’ve reworked a few of our tokens to give them a holiday flair! Get in on the new look while it’s available, and have a fantastic holiday season from all of us at TC! Available until December 31st!

The Holiday Three-Damage Force Token is a festive way to destroy your enemies! As an added bonus, it totally looks like a candy cane.

The Holiday Divided Range Rulers are perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed about a white light saber! You’ll also spread the holiday cheer around your X-Wing table by making the all-important “1-range or 2-range” measurement!

The Holiday One-Damage War Token brings the brightness of Christmas to a universe well known for its happy demeanor! Kill your enemies with pleasantness!

Finally, the Holiday Five-Credit Data Token makes it virtual Christmas at any time of the year! In Netrunner, it’s always better to give than to receive…

Have a great season full of games!


Wave 5, Blackmane, and New Town, New Rules

This week Wave 5 has officially arrived! It’s now available in our store and all Wave 5 preorders have been shipped! Howl of Blackmane for the Conquest LCG has also made an appearance, and players can now get their hands on one of the coolest Space Wolves, Ragnar Blackmane! All other Warlords better look out, because preorders and subscriptions have been shipped, with promo battle token to boot! Finally, New Town, New Rules is in our hands, and this first saddlebag is certain to give a huge push to the Doomtown ECG. All Doomtown preorders are on their way and subscriptions have been shipped!

In addition we’ve got a few special things planned for next week in order to celebrate the holiday season. Stay tuned, and have the best Thanksgiving ever.

Over to Robert for the real scoop.

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