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Dual Phantoms

Earlier this week I flew a Phantom for the first time.

It was … difficult.

I took out Garven Dreis on Turn 2 and promptly missed a shot on Turn 3, missed the free recloak and then flew straight into an asteroid and the firing arcs of the remaining 3 enemy ships. Fun times.

As I said, difficult, but I can see the awesome potential in the hands of someone more competent.

It did get get me thinking, are there any viable dual-phantom builds?

I haven’t flown any low-PS Phantoms, but it seems to me you really want to have Veteran Instincts and higher PS to be viable.

Echo Whisper Shuttle

37 points – “Whisper”
Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device

35 points – “Echo”
Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device

27 points – Omicron Group Pilot
Tactician, Engine Upgrade

Echo Whisper Scimitar (with added Falcon Insurance)

37 points – “Whisper”
Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device

35 points – “Echo”
Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device

26 points – Scimitar Squadron Pilot
Cluster Missiles, Assault Missiles, Munitions Failsafe

  1. I’ve flown the following before:

    Echo – VI, RC, ACD
    Whisper – VI, ACD
    2x Academy Pilot

    I liked the list – problem is, though, that it is very squishy. I foresee the same problem with any dual-phantom list though.

    1. I feel like if you’re running phantom a second only makes you better in the lists that are bad against phantoms and worse against lists that are good against phantoms. This is why I tend to suggest 1 phantom and 5 ties to deal with pesky agi 1 turret ships.

      1. The list I flew at Regionals was:

        Echo with Veteran Instincts, Advanced Cloaking Device, Rebel Captive
        5x Academy Pilot

        I went 5-0 in the swiss and lost in the semis. Normally I try not to blame the dice, but the combination of making some sub-optimal plays (tired after that many rounds of playing!), amazing luck on the part of my opponent (his green dice rolled double evade all game – without actions to support!) and horrendous green dice luck on my part (5 blanks with a focus? don’t mind if I do!) led to my demise.

        On the whole, I can’t complain about my performance though – I beat all three of the other top 4 in the swiss!

  2. Multiple Phantoms can work. The reason is that when you are squishy (aka in a bad match-up), only one Phantom is getting shot. You are still getting multiple huge shots of your own. For every Phantom except your first one, it’s like the opponent is foolishly not targeting you.

    Just make sure you take out that problem enemy ship. You’ll definitely have a Phantom left vs just support… that’s an ideal endgame.

  3. How about the “Two TIE-fighters” list mentioned on the last episode of Nova squad radio?

    “Echo” — TIE Phantom 30
    Veteran Instincts 1
    Rebel Captive 3
    Advanced Cloaking Device 4

    “Whisper” — TIE Phantom 32
    Veteran Instincts 1
    Advanced Cloaking Device 4

    Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12

    Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 12

    1. I would cannibalize an AP to by x2 Sensor Jammer, and maybe buy Backstabber. I can imagine the opponent going after Backstabber first just to have a target, but the Phantoms are both getting ATT 4 Focus’d shots that if the opponent does that. And if not, Backstabber should be serious money for just 16pts.

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