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Robert Rants: Clansmen Critique

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January 26, 2012

After a few hours of testing, Robert speaks about his experience with the his Lannister Clansmen deck against my Greyjoy “Arms Race” deck. It was a night of bad draws and, as Robert explains, potentially bad matchups!

  1. I played against my friend’s Clansman deck yesterday and it was a really fun game. It went down to the wire with me winning on turn 8 by a final of 15-13 power. I can get a list of what he had but it looks like if you need your main guys out asap, consider running Summoning Season in your plot deck as well as 3X Timmet and 3X Tyrion (which you may already have). Ill-Begotten Spoils in pretty good, I don’t think he was using it but I will suggest it. Its one of the most fun decks I have seen and I might try building one myself.

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    1. Awesome. I’m excited to look at this because I’ve been working on a clansman deck with Katie. One idea we came up with was using an Alliance to Stark. That way you could use things like Frozen Outpost and Mole Town Brothel to make sure that Tyrion was in every challenge on defense.

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