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Steven Speaks: Greyjoy, Part Deux

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February 2, 2012

There’s nothing quite as liberating or embarrassing as getting caught working on your deck as soon as you roll out of bed. But, for the sake of morning AGOT posterity, I thought it unwise to hide this from the masses.

Since this video, I’ve come to recognize the “discard” theme as a minimal section of an effective GJ deck. Raiders and discarding could potentially deck an opponent in a few turns, but the cards it takes to do it, the consistency of the effect, and the reliance on We Take Westeros makes it not to my liking. If you’re running Fishmonger’s Square and Nagga’s Hill, you want a healthy amount of discard. But in order to get it, you have to weaken everything else about the deck. My current iteration of the deck keeps just enough discard to trigger Asha and make Baelor a minor annoyance, but it’s slow. I’ve been considering Threat From the East as an effective plot for getting these effects going.

Intrigue challenges are also a key way to get Asha and Baelor kicking. That may be the next focus.

  1. Yeah I pretty much agree with everything you were talking about. I think Corpse Lake will probably speed it up quite a bit. Just a thought, with the noble sub theme, had you thought about SeaStone Chair? and the Raiding Fleet really isn’t that hard to play if you are using Ambitious Oarsman. Being able to kneel a warship is huge, especially with River Blockade and Naval Escort.

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    1. I’ve had Seastone in for the longest time – it was really one of the main inspirations behind the deck. My thought process went Seastone -> Nobles -> Discarded Card Abilities -> Discard Theme. I’ve found that it’s just too expensive for the effect payoff. With Asha, after she’s a non-kneeler, it’s certainly nice. But you’re looking at a card and a power, then maybe 2 gold to help with Dominance. At its best. Dropping a 3-cost location without Refurbished Hulk slows you down tremendously, and since the Nobles are a bit control-y (Baelor, Farwynd), they’re already expensive for their effect on the board. Of course, Farwynd makes Refurbished Hulk way less attractive, so it becomes tough.

      Raiding Fleet, unfortunately, isn’t a Raider. That’s where the trouble lies. Best bet is with Sunset Sea/Bloody Keep and things of that nature. Knights of the Hollow Hill makes it better, but it makes the deck even slower. I haven’t found a way to make it work effectively, and even when it does, its effect on the game is minimal.

    2. Yeah I have actually excluded Farwynd for that reason. Refurbished Hulk is just amazing. That’s what I was going for in my original comment, not Naval Escort. I guess it depends on what other locations you are really expecting to need to reduce though. I don’t think its good enough to just include for the chair.

      Also man this is really awkward. I’ve been playing Raiding Fleet like its a raider. I mean, I just assumed that a card called Raiding Fleet would be a raider! wtf?! lol Yeah that does make it even less playable.

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      1. Yeah, it’s a bummer. Needs an errata!

        My relationship with Farwynd is very much back and forth. On the one hand, he makes a lot of the KotHH decks around here very inefficient. Without the Tap->Reduce locations, it certainly swings in your favor. However, it also limits your options. You have to run mainly Nobles or yours don’t work either, and you can’t run Refurbished Hulk. With Euron, Baelor, Asha, Balon, Kingsmoot Hopeful, and Farwynd, his ability isn’t much of a problem. But the deck that arises around those characters is, from my experience, pretty slow.

      2. Yeah I agree that he can really hose some decks, but just doesn’t make up for the fact that he does limit you. I also think that in a competitive environment, he isn’t going to stop your worst match up, which is the Lannister with their gold machine. That deck does sounds promising though, but just hard to get right. Although I feel like that’s always been GJ’s problem. They have these pieces that don’t quite fit together. They seem to go so great together on paper, but just a bit clunky in game.

  2. I built a Nobles deck last week, right before 2Champs and a Chump (30 minutes before, to be precise!). No Farwynd either. Between The Knight, Euron, Finger Dance, Intrigue challenges, and the opponent discarding Seas and such, I haven’t had any trouble turning Asha and Alannys on. But I have found Bloodthirsty Crew to be money in that deck as well. I’ve never needed the discard from them, but the deadly pushes across Intrigue challenges beautifully.

    I’ve been using 3x Pyromancer’s Cache (along with Alliance plot – good with Euron, Balon, and Alannys being Kings and Queen), 1x Seastone Chair and 3x Longship Iron Victory for draw, but I will probably go up to 2x Seastone Chairs.

    Street of Silk is awesome in the deck, and Flea Bottom since it allows you to play To Be a Kraken easily. If you get enough reducers in play, the Chair isn’t too difficult to get out.

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    1. The Cache splash would solve a lot of my problems, if only Lannister weren’t despicable 😀

      Street of Silk is beautiful. I’ve been impressed with it.

      I’ve also found that Bloodthirsty Crew is top-notch. Intrigue on him makes me very happy.

      I think I got caught in pushing the discard theme too far with the deck. Intrigue and a few discard effects is sufficient.

      How has the Chair treated you?

      1. Think of it as using Lannister’s own tech against them when you play the Cache. :)

        I really like the Chair. I’ll gladly pay 3 for what amounts to a guaranteed draw every turn (one reason why I never hesitate to thrown in the Cache out-of-house if I really need the draw). This is, of course, assuming that I’ve got enough board presence to be able to afford it, but as long as I draw a few reducers, as previously stated…

        Usually, I get the draw + a power – don’t think I’ve ever gotten 3 uses out of it in one turn – so that speeds up the deck slightly. That coupled with Asha can make for some decently fast games.

        I’ve been considering a couple of copies of Driftwood Crown to give Asha a Power icon. That may not be a bad idea for Bloodthirsty Crew as well, even protecting them on a Power of Blood turn.

      2. That’s actually a good point on the crown. I hadn’t even thought about that card. Hmmmmm. Well crap. Now I have to go throw two of those in to my version! Why do you have to tell me all these good ideas?!

      3. The Crown is beautiful. I haven’t had a GJ deck without it since it first went in. When Support of Harlaw and/or Asha is running around, it gets crazy.

        It’s perfectly adaptable too. If you’re running Power of Blood, you can guarantee one of your characters lives. If you’re running Power of Arms, you can give anyone +2 STR.

        The board presence has been the struggle for my Nobles deck. It has won some games, but it feels sluggish!

  3. Josh, that is a very good question. I should probably stop, huh? :)

    I also like the idea of bluffing a Power of Blood. You’d probably stop someone from flipping Valar if you knelt the Crown pre-plot. If Greyjoy didn’t have so many awesome saves so that they needed Power of Blood more often, that would actually be a very powerful play.

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    1. I’m glad you’re validating a lot of the conclusions I’ve reached!

      I trimmed down to one copy of Power of Blood. But even then, I rarely needed/used it. The Noble/PoB theme seems redundant in GJ.

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