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Robert Rants: Kneeling

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March 8, 2012

I caught Robert in a deck building frenzy as cards were flying around the room. “Kneel” he kept muttering, along with “Castellan” and “nachos”. It was a terrifying site, but I managed to document it for all to see.


  1. Vey nice, i did see lots of good cards on that floor! :) a good thing for lannister is having lots of card draw. Golden tooth mines and pyromancer’s cache are staples that should be in every lannister deck(even over castellan). Insidious ways can be a good surprise str boost that you can use to win challenges and draw more cards.

    Let us know how the games went!

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    1. It was exactly as expected – frustrating.

      Castellan of the Rock is out, Enemy Informer is played, two characters are knelt. Flogged and Chained makes it 3. Brothel Guard and Lannisport Brothel keeps everything down. Repeat next turn. Insanity.

      Greyjoy seems one of the best able to deal with the threat. With Alannys, Murenmure, River Blockade and Finger Dance to cancel clutch effects and standing cards like Support of Harlaw/Saltcliffe it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Probably around 50/50. But as the deck gets tweaked it’ll be even harder to stop the control from ruining all plans. Terrifying deck. If I weren’t GJ, I don’t know what I’d do.

      1. Well, Stark has many good options to mitigate the lannister kneeling game as well. And if run with the Seige of Winterfell agenda you only have to worry about winning 1 challenge a turn. So Stark can have a good matchup vs Lanny with the right build.

        For Greyjoy you can try adding in Distinct Mastery. It combos well with many of the good greyjoy characters that have noble or war crests and will help you mitigate the kneel.
        To Be a Kraken is also another good option vs Lannister kneel. You can stand a character AND cancel an effect triggered as long as you have a military battle plot in your used pile.

        There are many ways around the Lanny HyperKneel decks. You just have to look around for them.

    1. Seth, is really the best place to go for searching. It will tell you what set the card came from and, once that chapter pack is clicked, will show you all the other cards in the pack. You have to make an account, but it’s painless and free. Don’t forget about the House Pack either 😀 It’s perfect for a player such as yourself.

      1. Yes!……i was looking for that sight but I haven’t been there in so long I forgot the website address. *sigh* the perks of having a 3 month old. 😀

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