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Breaking News — Episode 1

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March 16, 2013

Welcome to Episode 1 of Breaking News, an Android: Netrunner LCG podcast. In this episode, Dodd and Jeff discuss the history of the game and a few of our favourite cards from the Core Set and the first three data packs.

Intro: 00:00
Card discussion: 7:45
The Heap: 50:20

Music: “Sufi Dance” by Psykick (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License).

  1. Thank you for the pod cast. I enjoyed it. Is the music in the intro Sufi Dance by Sidekick? I looked on itunes however it seemed not to be there. I must have the wrong title.

    I am a new player & it was difficult to follow along because I am not familiar with the cards. Would it be possible to have a list of the cards you mention so that a noob like me can follow along? I spent quite a bit of time pausing the podcast & rewinding the podcast & searching for the cards on the net. If not i understand. I found the podcast to be very informative & I appreciate all the time you guys have taken to make it.

    A good friend of mine suggested buying the core starter for Netrunner. He played netrunner back in the old days. My son & I have enjoyed playing. The learning curve for this game seems high.

    Recently I have taken time off from playing card games competitively. I have really enjoyed playing all sorts of table top games casually. I mostly play Commander format for Magic now. Netrunner seems so different. I hate that there is no multiplayer however Netrunner scratches an itch & I am not sure why yet.

    look forward to your next podcast.

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    1. I would definitely suggest you buying the core set, at the very least. I got a lot of play out of that before investing into the other data packs.

      Have to disagree about the high learning curve on this one though. I have played some other games Monsterpocalypse with some ridiculously high learning curves, but this one seems pretty straightforward. now, havign said that, there are some finer points that do require clarification from time to time, but overall it is pretty simple.

      But I think the sooner you jump on the bus, the less steep that curve will be!

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