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Breaking News — Episode 2

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March 30, 2013

Welcome to Episode 2 of Breaking News, an Android: Netrunner LCG podcast. In this episode, Dodd and Jeff discuss the newest Data Pack: A Study in Static.

Intro: 00:00
Card discussion: 2:21
The Heap: 34:35

Fair Warning: We’re not too happy with the sound quality on this one. We’re still tweaking our setup, so hopefully that won’t be an issue again.

We welcome feedback on this episode. Find us on Facebook, email us at, or (best of all) right here on Team Covenant.

Music: “Sufi Dance” by Psykick (Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License).

    1. Our plan is to do a new episode approximately every two weeks. That’ll be thrown off a bit for the next one since we will be in some backwater hellhole called Tulsa two weeks from now. But we hope to salvage the trip by doing some interviews of the strange, bearded locals for the next episode.

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  1. I just discovered that, two days after we recorded, Lukas provided rulings on two cards we discussed with ambiguous effects (Disruptor and False Lead): Both are disappointing.

    Disruptor, not too surprisingly, only works upon initiation. Once the Corp bids up the Trace, it can no longer be used. That makes sense; the card isn’t as good as it might have been but it’s still okay.

    I’m feeling especially let down by the False Lead ruling, however: The Runner loses two clicks if he can; if he can’t, he loses nothing. This *is* something of a surprise, and an unwelcome one. It’s still quite a good card but, well, this takes some of the shine off.


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