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Unplayable Characters

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May 9, 2012

I have seen a lot floating around the internet about rotating out sets of chapter packs in order to keep the meta fresh or to help to avoid power creep, etc. I have noted, however, that some cards in the older packs are super strong! I acquired a few just for Bear Island and the Fury Plots, and the other cards in there will see use in my decks. However, there are also a few that are just ridiculously out of line in terms of cost and ability. Here’s a few; I’d like to hear your thoughts about some other terrible cards that will never see the light of day.

Ten Towers: Greyjoy location cost 5. Once per round, play the event card in the top of any opponent’s discard pile as if it were your own. This is ridiculous. Cost 2, maybe. Can someone tell me something I’m not seeing?

Drowned Prophet: Kneel 8 influence and remove from the game to end the challenge phase. Again, ridiculous. When will Greyjoy run 8 influence for a one shot effect? (3 cost 3 strength Mil/Int icon)

Any other cards that jump out as just too terrible to ever consider playing? I’m sure there’s a ton…

  1. Drowned Prophet could be quite useful/nasty in a melee if you get Hand of the King. You still need 6 Influence outside of that, but if you’re going first and can end the challenges phase just after you’ve gone through an all-out assault it would be worth it, I think.

    If nothing else it could really screw with your opponents. :)

  2. Don’t let Phil’s optimistic language fool you into running this card for the effect. The ability is WAY over-costed, considering you remove Prophet from the game. With KOTHH and Hand of the King, you only need 4 influence to trigger it. But then you have to draw it, and you have to draw Ahead of the Tide to assure you win. And then you make a few attacks and your Drowned Prophet gets removed from the game. Then you lose dominance. Maybe if we had as much cheap Renown as those silly Baratheons it could work, but until then…

    Weirdly, though, he’s one of the strongest characters that GJ Holy has. Forget the ability, at least he brings 3 icons with Power of Faith :)

    Want to dive into Areo Hotah from Ancient Enemies while we’re at it?

    1. What about Drowned Disciple? Even if you were going for a discard theme… 3 gold for the possibility of discarding 3 cards using a 1 STR weenie? I’ve never understood that card. I mean, he’s a tri-con in a Power of Faith turn, too… but that’s an expensive card to blow to discard 3 cards.

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      1. True – it hits every opponent, but Greyjoy has so many discard effects on many cooler characters, spending three gold on this one just seems like a waste.

      2. Let it be known that I ran both Drowned Prophet, Drowned Disciple, and Drowned Crewman in Melee tonight and got first.

        Unplayable FUNSCHMAYABLE!

    2. Yeah, he’s horrible. I hate him. But he DOES have Stealth on those PoF turns!

      He’s not great in Holy and he’s not great in discard. Kind of the standard with GJ Holy…as we said in the cast…*polish*

      1. Theres a new one, which isn’t bad, but the old one in ANcient Enemies requires you to lose 3 challenges to trigger the ability. That’s a lot of losing for (admittedly) a pretty decent effect, but why would you ever build around losing so much, and, if you don’t plan on losing, why would you stick him in there?

        Compare with the clansmen card that lets you raise your claim (I forget the name, Robert would know).

      2. I can see it, actually.

        First thing is, it’s not just challenges against you — you can also count challenges you make but lose. Losing 3 isn’t that hard, especially if you are on To the Spears or Storm of Swords plot or something.

        Second thing is (unless I’m noobing it up again), that ability seems like you can spam it. Pay 2 influence repeatedly until you run out of influence, and hit them with one whopper of a final challenge.

        This isn’t really supposed to happen (unless they forget you can do it) as it is supposed to be something the opponent fears/avoids. They don’t challenge you, or they let you win challenges. Otherwise HOTAH!

      3. If you’re losing those challenges to turn Hotah on, you’re not having those challenges to use his ability effectively.

        Again, there are situations where he might be used, but are you really going to build a deck around it?

        You do have a good point in that his ability may be repeatable. I didn’t consider that part of it. Losing to set up a humongous 6-claim power challenge might be OK, but why do you have all that influence in your deck? Seems inefficient–but fun!

      4. Maybe you’re running that influence in a Greyjoy/Martell Alliance deck to trigger Drowned Prophet’s ability! We may be on to something here….

      5. Let’s not get carried away.

        I’d say 4 influence would be enough to make Areo’s ability very dangerous, especially if you save your military challenge for last. I kind of like Retaliation as the plot choice that turn, the more I think about it. They challenge first, then you do. If they aren’t careful, the military challenge is huge and crushes their board.

        Red Keep, and 1 of a million 1-influence cards available to Martel. I don’t even think you have to make much room for the option, mainly just add 2 Hotah. Granted, I think I like the other version of him better.

  3. I’ve got a buddy who plays Greyjoy and he regularly puts Drowned Prophet in his deck. Holy Crest, two icons, 3 strength, 3 gold – even without his text, the card ain’t really all that bad.

    Every time I thought I’d found an unplayable card, someone has given me a scenario where it’s worked for them. For me, it’s always been those Banner Cards and the Epic Battles conditional character cards… just weird. I’ve never played any of those. They’ve always seemed useless to me.

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      1. I’m still impressed that you were able to mimic his content in less than a minute though… you’re a speedy typer to be sure!

      1. While this is true, Larry, I think that there are some that just plain stink in most situations.

        I actually think it’s fun to try to think of ways to use out-of-favor cards and that by doing so perhaps getting a bit of surprise in the meta. Still looking for a way to use the Honor Guards, though.

      2. Next week’s First Tilt post about the Shagga style on CGDB mentions creating a very fun (against the rules) VIP deck of only awesome cards, completely ignoring all house restrictions.

        Maybe you should build a deck of all the terrible characters and see what kind of synergies you can create just for the “What the What!?” effect that you’d be sure to create at the table.

      3. Oh yeah – about Honor Guards… I’ve actually tried to use them once just for kicks, it works in Melee if you can build a good alliance. You boost a person who agrees not to attack you, they win the challenge and you take control of Honor Guard.

      4. Just make sure that you don’t completely abandon us over here for the metaphorical hot chicks over at cardgamedb.

        Never forget.

      5. NEVER! No worries man – I am always on this site… too often probably. :-)

        I’m still planning on writing some more here for more bloggy like posts that don’t fit as actual articles. Look at my profile over there… my home page is HERE. :-)

  4. No card is useless! You just put them onto the opponent’s side to screw with their card placement…err, wait.

    I wouldn’t call Drowned Prophet’s ability useless, despite the absurdly high cost on it. Kingsroad Fiefdom is nearly made for that ability, and you can always run the card via Treaty with the Isles (Lannister or Martel choke intrigues me here…is it doable? Targ could run it too since it likes having influence.) instead of via Greyjoy.

    Ten Towers strikes me as possibly potent in a melee deck, but it really needs a card that removes cards from the opponent’s discard pile before it’d ever be predictable enough to be useful.

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    1. I love your optimism Theorist 😛

      Drowned Prophet is probably alright in a holy deck, albeit vanilla. I can’t imagine a situation where you can fire off the ability profitably. The influence cost is amazingly high – even in my Targ KOTHH, I doubt I’d ever get to eight in a normal game. At least not until the game had well and truly developed.

      Ten Towers… now that card is straight up terrible. 5 gold for an uncertain effect :(.

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