Design-A-Map: Winner Revealed!

During the month of January, we ran the “Design-A-Map” contest in order to give one Covenant Maps subscriber the chance to help design the March Covenant Map. As you all probably know, January is over (yes, Spazz, it’s over). And that means the time is here!

We took each qualifying contestant and gave them a number. We then completely randomized the numbers with fancy computer software, spun in a few circles, clicked some buttons, and stared as the winner’s name shot to the top of our list.

The winner of the Covenant Maps “Design-A-Map” contest is…

None other than…

The one and only…

Chris Engler (Wapcaplets)



*theme from Sabrina the Teenage Witch*

Chris, we’ll be emailing you with our first official map collaboration, so keep your inbox close! For all Covenant Map subscribers, thanks for an amazing half-year of support! We can’t wait to further develop the story, the scenarios, and of course, all of the brand new battlefields! What will Wapcaplets add to the mix? I’m guessing we need to hold on to our hats!