MonCon 2013: Beta Schedule

I’ll be honest – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as planning the MonCon schedule. It brings back the joy of every past MonCon and gets me excited for what is always a grand reunion. With TC moving and changing so much as we grow and learn, planning MonCon for me is like returning home for a little while.

I want to present everyone with the first draft of the MonCon schedule. We’ve returned to the original MonCon duration of Friday-Sunday and that means that we have one day less for events. The notable casualty of the schedule is the lack of a formal Double Monster tournament. What we’ve learned in the past (it was actually the biggest complaint) is that most of us hate the idea of missing this or that event. If we stack Double Monster against Cowboys & Indians, or the early rounds of Single Monster, we create some hard choices and split attendance, making both events less exciting. As a remedy for this, we’ve amped up our now-traditional Attica event to a Double Monster format. It will be nuts, and hopefully it will scratch the itch of those who simply love having two monstrosities on the board (I’m looking at you, Bilal).

Other than that, there shouldn’t be any (unpleasant) surprises. We’ve got Cowboys and Indians on Friday night, a Single Monster Saturday with ample round and lunch/dinner times so there’s no rush (Spazz and Jace can spend even MORE time at Chik-Fil-A), a surprise event for those who don’t like their Top 8 chances, the much-loved Attica format, a reasonable evening Top 8, and of course, Fresh Ground Monster starting an hour later than usual (more time for Cash n’ Guns?).

The schedule might change around a little bit, but this is the baseline that you can expect. I’ve gotta say, I really can’t wait to see everyone. Can MonCon 2013 keep pace with the ones before it? I’m willing to bet that even if the schedule was simply “Meet & Greet” for three days, the answer is yes.

Now I’ve got to go meet with someone about this year’s exclusive. Let’s hope these sketches can become reality…

  1. We’re waiting on a few of the last pieces before we can determine the price. The main factor is how much it will cost to produce the exclusive. There was talk of no exclusive, but we ditched that idea pretty quickly 🙂 We want to do something special for you guys.

  2. I feel your pain Scott (actually…we know that I don’t *grabs Aquosia*). I’ll have that info for you in the next update. Proxy’ing Quantums is pretty certain, but we want to have the methods outlined before we throw it out there.