MonCon 2013: Schedule Update

Two new events have made it onto the schedule, one of which is extremely exciting. Wap pitched it to us a while back and it’s certainly a no-brainer. For the first time ever, MonCon will feature an officially-sanctioned “Wappy Dice” tournament. Hold on to your hats, practice your technique, and get ready for some furious dice rolling.

I’ll also be running a more informal Burning MonCon session on Friday evening. If anyone has requests for an epic scene to roleplay, I’m all ears. Or we can continue with the same characters we used last year. I’ll try to gauge interest as we approach the con!

  1. Totally merged. Double Monster has been the least attended in the past MonCons, but we don’t want to cut it completely. Attica + Double Monster is insane when you think about the possibilities and synergies. Insane! And it should scratch the itch of those who love the format while also providing something new.

  2. As one of the few players that has LOVED double from the beginning, never understood why it didn’t catch on. I always looked forward to it more than single when I was going to MonCon 1 & 2 and GenCon.

    I understand why you have it set up this way, and appreciate you not cutting it. Just had to get my opinion out there, even if it was of the glass half empty variety.

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