MonCon Registration Deadline!

We all know that MonCon is going to be surreal. Meeting up with everyone again, playing some MonPoc (we’re all quite rusty), eating at Chik-Fil-A, staying up all night to see Tekk off…it all seems like a beautiful dream. But it’s back! And we hope it’s the best MonCon yet!

Quick reminder though – in order for us to get the proper allocation of this year’s exclusive, we’ll need to know exactly who is coming by April 30th. ┬áSo anyone who is interested, please have your registration complete by that date. You can still register after, but we probably won’t be able to hook you up.

In case you guys missed it, the official MonCon page is also up. So tell your friends and prod some of the old guard to get their act together!

Remember…it just…won’t…die…unless you let it!

  1. I am playing three games via e-mail right now an am absolutely stunned at how much I realize that I have been missing this game!

    So good! And it is ten times better with the real pieces!

    I think I am going to have to start a club at school…..

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