Netrunner LCG Blog Contest

Let’s be honest, Netrunner is on FIRE right now. The first two data packs have set the constructed environment ablaze and each pack only adds to the complexities and options available to each player.

How awesome would it be if you won a Netrunner LCG data pack subscription that meant the next 3 data packs were going to be delivered straight to your doorstep, completely free of charge?

Yeah… I thought so! (note: if you have already subscribed and win, you’ll be getting a refund for the cost of those 3 data packs!) We are going to be giving one lucky community member a free, 3 month Data Pack subscription. Here is how it’s going to work:

1. Post a blog on Team Covenant (tutorial for posting a blog here)

2. In the blog, include an introduction! This is a bit about who you are, what got you into Netrunner, and why you love this game.

3. In the blog, you are going to discuss what you think are the 3 BEST cards cards we’ve seen so far! This includes cards that have only been spoiled. You can find most of them, with images, here.

4. Post a link to the blog in the comments section of this post, as your official ‘submission’. ATTENTION: Depending on how long you’ve been on the site, your comment with a link may not show up immediately. It will show up within a day or so of being posted by you.

Your blog should look something like this:

My name is Zach and I’ve been playing tabletop games since I was ten. I started by playing the Pokemon TCG, but my first truly competitive game was the Star Wars TCG by Wizards. I was introduced to Netrunner by a local player (thanks Matt G.). When news of FFG remaking the game came out, he brought in his old decks and taught me the game. I was instantly in love. Fast forward to now and I anxiously away new releases and can’t get enough of the game. At present, my top three cards are:

Nisei Mk II

You’ll start each section with the name of your favorite card on it’s own line. You’ll also want to click the ‘Paragraph’ Drop down and make the name of the card the ‘H3′ style. You’ll then discuss why the card mentioned has you excited, how you think it will work out, and anything else about the card that you love. My example for this card is in the next paragraph.

This is, and always has been, one of those cards that I absolutely hate to see my opponent score. On the other hand, it’s one of those cards that I absolutely love to score, regardless of the side I’m playing!

While I could talk about how amazing this ability is in it’s direct application, I think the grander effect on the game is actually the best part of the card. Netrunner is a game that largely depends on the player to player interaction. The idea that you can stop a run in it’s tracks completely changes how your opponent has to interact with you.

All of the sudden, making a run on that big server is going to become an even more difficult decision. Or, dropping a Maker’s Eye is all the suddenly a whole lot less attractive. At the end of the day, if your opponent scores this you have to get it over with in one way or another, because if you don’t they are going to hold it over your head the entire game.


If you want to get bonus points, you can include images of the cards like I have! In the tutorial for posting a blog, it explains how to insert images even without having to upload your own. You can also just upload the images while your putting your blog together. I generally recommend having them aligned to the right and not so big as to dominate the text, but big enough where whoever is reading your blog can actually see what the card does. Now, for my actual review of Cyberfeeder!

Money, err credits, is a big part of Netrunner. Cyberfeeder stuck out from the beginning to me because it’s ‘technically’ credits that never go away. Consider that the Runner’s primary objective is to make runs, it’s feasible that this card on the table is going to get used just about every turn. Even a 12-15 turn game means you’re netting 10-13 credits.

The true power of this card is that it allows you to make runs in the mid and late game that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do. One or two of these out makes low credit runs way more possible.

I’m going to be honest, I primarily play with Kate as my identity. That means that if I drop this on a turn that I’m making a run, it’s already at least paid for itself. As a Shaper, this card is at the top of my list. As a Netrunner player, I think it’s still worth discussing.

Ice Wall

Another thing I do that I think really makes a blog ‘pop’ is Align Full. This option is just to the right of the underline option, on the second row of the formatting palette. This makes the text really interact well with images, makes it excellent for reading on mobile devices, and just gives it an overall clean appearance.

Maybe you didn’t expect this to make my top list, but this card is phenomenal and I’ll tell you why. This is the lowest cost piece of ice that has an ‘End the Run’ subroutine. Early game, this card can be absolutely bomb. Unlike other pieces of cheap ice though, it isn’t nearly as useless late game.

You can advance this bad boy and make it more costly for your opponent to run through. With cards like Trick of Light coming out, advance-able ice is even more flexible than ever. Add on top of all of it’s greatest the fact that it only cost 1 influence and this is a card that I think all corp’s should entertain splashing, especially when they have 1-2 influence left over.

Good Luck

Submissions are due by February 4th at midnight. Don’t forget to post a link to your blog in the comments below! We will announce the winner on February 11th. The winner will receive 1 free Netrunner LCG Data Pack Subscription for three months, including shipping (exception: international shipping will have a small shipping fee to receive data packs). We will pick the winner based on our popularity algorithm that determines featured posts and will also take note of any blog that is particularly good or that went over the top!

For those of you who have already signed up for a Netrunner LCG Data Pack Subscription, we will refund the cost of the data packs as they release.. If you haven’t signed up for a subscription yet, you can do so here. If you have any questions, post below!