Star Wars LCG Blog Contest!

Excited about the upcoming Star Wars LCG? Want to win a free copy of the game, to be delivered straight to your door step as soon as it releases? I thought so! Check out below for how to enter!

This is what you have to do for a shot at winning a free copy of the upcoming Star Wars LCG:

1. Post a blog on Team Covenant (tutorial for posting a blog here)

2. In the blog, include an introduction! This is a bit about who you are and what you are most excited about for the Star Wars LCG.

3. In the blog, you are going to discuss your three favorite cards so far! You can find most of them, with images, here.

4. Post a link to the blog in the comments section of this post, as your official ‘submission’.

You blog should look something like this:

My name is Zach and I’ve been playing tabletop games since I was ten. I started by playing the Pokemon TCG, but my first truly competitive game was the Star Wars TCG by Wizards. Seeing a company like Fantasy Flight pick up the Star Wars license and produce a game under their LCG model has me thoroughly excited. I played 4-5 games and was initially concerned. After playing more though, I have fallen for this game. I cannot wait to get my two copies of the core and am amped for the first Force pack. At present, my three favorite cards are:

The Heart of the Empire

You’ll start each section with the name of your favorite card on it’s own line. You’ll also want to click the ‘Paragraph’ Drop down and make the name of the card the ‘H3’ style. You’ll then discuss why the card mentioned has you excited, how you think it will work out, and anything else about the card that you love. My example for this card is in the next paragraph.

First off, access to THREE resources is a really big deal. If you draw the wrong objectives, you can be stuck with as low as four resources. If you don’t draw into additional resource cards, options like the Emperor (see below), Darth Vader, and the Devastator cannot even be played. This let’s you do some big things early. Of course, if you use all three, it locks it down for three turns (which is probably 30-40% of the game!), so you’ll want to only use it when you really need it.

I mostly love it for it’s ability to suck the light side player into the gambit of going after this objective. While it’s basically the equivalent of destroying two objectives for the light side player, once they go for this objective they are really committed to it. Defending a single objective once they have 5 or 6 damage here is much easier than if they had 2-3 damage on all of your objectives.

Emperor Palpatine

If you want to get bonus points, you can include images of the cards like I have! In the tutorial for posting a blog, it explains how to insert images even without having to upload your own. You can also just upload the images while your putting your blog together. I generally recommend having them aligned to the right and not so big as to dominate the text, but big enough where whoever is reading your blog can actually see what the card does. Now, for my actual review of the Emperor!

My favorite character from the Star Wars universe has to be Darth Vader. However, at present my favorite character for the Star Wars LCG has to be the Emperor. For starters, he has 5 force icons. The only light side rival is Yoda. If you draw the Emperor early and commit him to the force, this can be an enormous obstacle for the light side player. He’s also an elite, so if you must use him to attack or defend, being committed isn’t nearly as bad as it might be on other Units.

He is fantastic at Defending. I really prefer using him defensively. Even if you lose the edge battle, he still gets to place two focus on characters. Assuming you do win the edge battle, you get a third focus to place. He has a very impressive way of controlling the board to his will.

On top of being an excellent option for defense, he’s great on the offensive. He’s dealing two objective damage AND dropping three focus tokens. This can make key characters like Luke or Obi-Wan practically useless. He’s definitely pricey at 6, but there is no question his presence will be felt when he hits the table.

Superlaser Blast

Another thing I do that I think really makes a blog ‘pop’ is Align Full. This option is just to the right of the underline option, on the second row of the formatting palette. This makes the text really interact well with images, makes it excellent for reading on mobile devices, and just gives it an overall clean appearance.

There are some cards that are just oozing with Star Wars flavor, and this is one of my favorites. While it’s definitely pricey for a one time effect, it has a HUGE effect. The Dark Side’s goal is not to destroy objectives, but late game if you already have destroyed an objective or two, this can make for a devastating swing to your opponent.

It’s also great to remove good objectives or even just objectives your opponent has yet to put Focus on, deterring any plans they may have had to use cards on your turn. This card can only be used if you are using the Imperial Affiliation, but man can this put the shock on  your opponents face!

Watch out though, as the light side has plenty of ways to cancel this action. Spending four and a card to then have it cancelled is not what the Empire is hoping for!

Good Luck

Submissions are due by December 5th at midnight. Don’t forget to post a link to your blog in the comment below! We will announce the winner on December 10th. The winner will receive 1 free copy of the Star Wars LCG core set, including shipping. We will pick the winner based on our popularity algorithm that determines featured posts and will also take note of any blog that is particularly good or that went over the top!

For those of you who already pre-ordered, we will refund the cost of one core set if you win the contest. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can do so here. If you have any questions, post below!


  1. This is the first time I’ve written a blog, so it’s not as pretty as I’d like. And how do I get rid of the team covenant logo on the top of my post? It makes me feel like I’m trying to be a site official, which I’m not. [sigh]

    In any case, I’m super excited to present my favorite 3 cards for your viewing pleasure:

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  2. I hope to come up with at least one more decent topic before I actually get my hands on the cards and can play some games. I’m hesitant to post strategy thoughts before playing more than a couple of demos back in August. It’s good to hear that at least one other person enjoyed my ramblings, thanks!

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  3. Glad you found the filters. 😀 It’s the same data used to determine what blogs show up there, with one important exception. The algorithm for that takes in to account how long the post has been on the site. It’s a combination of things like pageviews, inbound links (from other sites, forums, twitter, facebook, etc.), comments, and other data. The more time it’s had to gather good stats, the less impressed it is with those stats.