Team Covenant Store Updates

There’s been some great new additions, updates and restocks to the store this week and here they are!

A Game of Thrones LCG:

  • House Packs and Singles have been made for the following cycles:  Brotherhood Without Banners, Secrets of Oldtown, A Tale of Champions, and Accross the Narrow Sea in addition to the Core Box.  You can find the house packs here and the singles here.  Zounds!


  • After a long and beautiful history of MonPoc in our store it’s time to bring things to an official end.  We’re exceedingly low on inventory and we’ve no way to get more at this point.  So with that, all of the MonPoc listings have been retired from our store.  What little we still have left will be available to any and all at this year’s MonCon!  Huzzah!


  • After a decently long wait we are finally starting to get Wave 2 items pack in stock!  You can pick up the recently re-acquired Slaves and Falcons in our store.
  • Fantasy Flight Games has released the first look of the Starfield Game Tile Kit.  It is now available on the store for pre-order here and is slated for a release sometime in Q3 2013.
Thanks again to one and all for all your Team Covenant patronage.  You complete us.  🙂
Take care,
  1. Wow, I’m sad about MonPoc stuff going away, but I can’t remember the last time I had to buy any of it. With nothing new coming, I guess it’s time to say good bye.

    I’m supper excited about the X-Wing update. I can’t wait for my orders to show up.

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  2. I wonder if you have a legal case, as their decision impacted your business model. Exclusionary selling could be viewed as discrimination against you, which is illegal depending on the grounds. You wouldn’t have to utterly prove it, just prove that it was probable.

    Maybe this is someone at Privateer’s way of handing you MonPoc as a settlement to drop your (atm hypothetical) lawsuit. FREEEEEDOOOOMMM!!! You never know.

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